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Offset your carbon emissions

Carbon Positive Australia is a Deductible Gift Recipient organisation.
All offsets and donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.

Quick Offsets for Individuals

Airport Travel. Offsetting Flights with Carbon Positive Australia.

Flight Offsets

$11.20 – $56.00

Image of food. Offset your food and drink emissions with Carbon Positive Australia.

Food & Drink Offsets

$180.00 – $280.00

Lightbulb. Offset your home emissions with Carbon Positive Australia.

Home Energy Offsets

$85.00 – $335.00

Carbon Positive Australia planting site in Western Australia. Offset your emissions by tonne.

Offset by Tonne


Family offsetting there carbon emissions with Carbon Positive Australia.

Total Household Footprint

$225.00 – $700.00

Image of person driving. Offset Individual Car Emissions With Carbon Positive Australia.

Vehicle Offsets

$15.00 – $160.00

Climate care subscriptions

Small Family

(3-5 people)

$54.00 / month
18 tCO2e / year*
5 additional tCO2e / year**
12 trees planted / month
139 trees planted / year

Large Family

(6+ people)

$70.00 / month
25 tCO2e / year*
5 additional tCO2e / year**
15 trees planted / month
181 trees planted / year

Every Climate Care subscription will:

Increase biodiversity
Restore water cycles
Improve soil health
Protect rare native species
Provide wildlife habitat
Increase resilience to climate change

Why offset with Carbon Positive Australia?

These forests are legally protected for up to 100 years to deliver sustainable and long-term climate action for decades to come.
Reduce your carbon footprint and support the restoration of forests that will conserve biodiversity and build wildlife habitat.
As an environmental not-for-profit organisation, offsetting is tax deductible.
Business using Carbon Positive Australia Carbon Footprint Calculator on a computer
Low angled drone shot of trees in planting rows

Thank you so much for supporting Carbon Positive Australia.
You are helping to get our climate back on track!