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If you want to have a positive environmental impact by funding tree planting, restoring landscapes, and supporting healthy communities and Country, you’re in the right place!

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Check out our largest restoration project, Eurardy Reserve, on Nanda County. Restoring a globally significant kwongan heath ecosystem. The team is faced with the mammoth task of replicating one of nature’s most diverse ecosystems…

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Discover our Brookton Biodiverse carbon project, on Ballardong Noongar Country, where we are working with WA landholders to plant trees on marginal land, no longer useful for food production. Capturing carbon whilst restoring County. 

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Did you know that native forests grown using the Miyawaki method can be planted in spaces as small as 3m²? We are funding community projects across Australia, find out more about Miyawaki Pocket Forests here.

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We were the first organisation in Australia to have an online Carbon Calculator. Our award winning version of this easy to use calculator can be found here. Calculate now to discover your carbon footprint.

Learn more about our projects and how they restore land across Australia.

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Personal recommendations and sharing with friends the charities you support can help the charity earn more supporters and make a greater impact.  Here are some ways you can share your support of Carbon Positive Australia.

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