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Carbon Positive Solutions pack

Simple carbon solutions for business

Support native tree planting to be part of the sustainability solution in Australia.

If you’re part of a business with fewer than 50* employees, a Carbon Positive Solutions pack is a smart, affordable way to set goals, measure impact, and work towards sustainable business outcomes.

Your monthly contribution will:

native tree planting site

Here’s how the Carbon Positive Solutions pack works:


We’ve taken all of the hard work out of measuring your emissions, and have included all of your potential Scope 1 & 2 Emissions.

Take action

Support Carbon Positive Australia’s native tree planting and conservation projects to offset your business emissions.

Breathe easy

We’re experts in ecosystem restoration and revegetation. And we’re here to help you do the right thing on carbon.


Tell your sustainability story with branded social media images, a certificate and assets that promote your social and environmental impacts.

Get sustainable. Get visible. And get on with it.

Carbon Positive Solutions pack partnerships are perfect for smart business owners who want an easy way to do the right thing for the planet. We make it simple to set goals, measure your impact, make your business more sustainable, and tell your story.

Your monthly donation directly supports Carbon Positive Australia’s native tree planting projects.

Meet your sustainability goals while you support Australian biodiversity. We’re here to help you elevate and communicate your commitment to carbon reduction.

Man by seedling truck at native tree planting site
Tree seedlings ready for planting

Wherever you’re at with your sustainability strategy, we’ll help you:

Understand your emissions
Offset your carbon footprint
Communicate your impact
Educate your people
Share your commitment

What’s included?

As well as offsetting your business emissions you will receive the following assets.

Offset your workplace emissions

Based on Australian averages, we make assumptions about your Scope 1 and 2 emissions. We offset your footprint through our native tree planting projects, which remove carbon from the atmosphere.

How to set net zero goals

Set realistic, sustainable net zero goals for your organisation. With our help, you’ll align your business with a more sustainable future.

Social sharing pack

Share your commitment to sustainability with customisable social media assets and spread the word about your eco-friendly initiatives with your community to inspire them to do the same.

Online sustainability course

Boost your knowledge and maximise your efforts to drive positive organisational change. This interactive and informative course covers various topics, from sustainable practices to ESG reporting.

Supporter guide

All the practical tips you need to integrate sustainability into your everyday business practices. Get your head around the importance of sustainability and how to implement eco-friendly measures across your business.

Certificate & poster

Put it on the wall and let your team celebrate alongside you.

Optional education pack:

Take your team on the sustainability journey with you. Opt into these employee engagement opportunities.

Online Lunch and Learn

Promote employee engagement and education with one Lunch and Learn session conducted online (valued at $250). Our experts will deliver an engaging and informative session, inspiring your team to actively participate in your sustainability initiatives.

Site visits

You’ll get exclusive opportunities to visit our planting sites. Witness your positive impact, connect with the land, and learn more about the work being done on your behalf to restore Australia’s biodiversity.

Be part of the solution — get started today!

0-10 employees

$85AUD per month

Important information on our carbon credits

When offsetting with Carbon Positive Australia you are supporting native tree planting on degraded land across Australia. The funds go directly into our planting projects. We plant enough trees to offset each tonne of CO2e.

In establishing our offsets, we follow the methodologies set out by the Australian Government’s Emission Reduction Fund, using the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) to measure the amount of CO2e captured. As we don’t intend to claim Australian Carbon Credit Units due to the high cost and administration requirements, we do not have our projects audited by a third party. It also means that we do not develop ACCUs that fossil fuel emitters can purchase. Keeping administrative costs low, enables us to take on new projects and plant more trees. We supply in-depth planting and monitoring reports and photography to provide transparency around on-ground activities.

Our carbon offsets/credits are not verified or accredited offsets as they have not been validated and verified by an accredited third party. Unverified offsets are issued by the carbon project developer using relevant methodologies but are not independently verified. 

Every tonne of carbon you offset helps us plant more trees and shrubs, restoring our amazing continent’s natural landscape and biodiversity and capturing carbon.

Please continue to our FAQ’s to read more.

Add our education pack

Add on these extras for an annual donation of $349AUD (Save $176 plus exclusive access).

Boy putting seeding down a planting device tube from a bucket of seedlings.

Why Carbon Positive Australia?

We help organisations (like yours) take climate action by contributing to tree planting and restoration projects. And we’ve been doing it since 2001.

When you partner with Carbon Positive Australia, you support Australian native tree planting projects, contributing to the global effort to mitigate climate change.

Low angled drone shot of trees in planting rows

With 20 years’ experience, we’re experts in restoration, reforestation, carbon offsets, and environmental plantings. And we’re here to help you meet your sustainability goals.