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We partner with progressive, forward-thinking businesses and organisations who understand that healthy, native trees and forests are critical to climate health. Through our Australian reforestation offset programs and community tree planting projects, you can go beyond carbon neutral – you can become carbon positive!

If you want your business to have a positive environmental impact by funding tree planting, restoring landscapes and supporting healthy communities and Country, you’re in the right place!

Our business partners make it possible for us to plant more trees, sequester more carbon and have greater social and economic impacts than we could achieve alone. Help us work on the world’s to-do list!

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We can help you create a program that works for your business.


All funds go towards supporting our charitable objectives which are planting native trees and providing educational resources. We also have fundraising and administration costs which a portion of your donation supports. To view our financial reports please go here. If you contribute via plant a tree or carbon offsets your funds will be allocated to planting pools from all of our planting sites.

It really depends. Generally, carbon uptake is measured on a per-hectare basis, rather than a per-tree basis. The amount of carbon sequestered per hectare depends on tree growth, which depends on the species and the planting density. In high rainfall zones with good quality soil, it may take 3-5 trees over 25 years to remove 1 tonne of carbon dioxide. In lower rainfall zones with poorer soil, it could take as many as 15 trees.

We plant on cleared and degraded land across Australia, with a particular focus on the Western Australian wheatbelt. We mostly work on rural land where large areas have been cleared for agriculture. In 2021 we have expanded our portfolio of projects to develop community and urban projects throughout Australia. These will focus on activating community tree planting and climate mitigation. You can find out more about our current and past projects here.

Sometimes. Many of our projects are located in remote areas without facilities to cater for volunteer groups. Our carbon projects must adhere to strict planting methodologies so we tend to use professional planting contractors.

As we undertake more community planting projects we may have more opportunities for self-funded volunteer groups. Please contact us if you are interested.

Business contributions can be more complicated. It depends on the nature of the gift/contribution. The ATO has information on their website or please contact us.

We follow the methodologies set out by the Australian Governments Emission Reduction Fund, using the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) to measure the amount of CO2e captured.  Due to the high cost and administration requirements, these projects are not externally audited. This enables us to take on new projects and plant more trees. We supply in-depth planting and monitoring reports and photography to provide transparency around on-ground activities. 

Our carbon offsets/credits are not verified or accredited offsets as they have not been validated and verified by an accredited third party. Unverified offsets are issued by the carbon project developer using relevant methodologies but are not independently verified.

"I was searching for a tree planting fund that was really grass roots, where money wasn’t going into marketing, but rather, into the physical projects where there were real, tangible results – and something that was Australian based. When I reached out to Carbon Positive Australia to see if it would be a good fit, I quickly realised there’s lovely, passionate and capable people running on the ground planting, so it felt right. Since we launched, for every product we sell, we donate to Carbon Positive Australia to plant a tree in our customer’s name."

Anna Wright Hands Made By You

“Offsetting carbon emissions is something that matters to our novated leasing customers. By partnering with Carbon Positive Australia in Western Australia, we’re giving customers the opportunity to offset their emission by contributing to vital local restoration projects like Eurardy Reserve. This is such important work, and we hope it’s the first of many projects we support through Carbon Positive Australia.”

Tim Looi Smart Group

    To find out more about the companies we work with, check out our Carbon Heroes stories on our blog.

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