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At Carbon Positive Australia, we turn your business sustainability questions into smart, actionable solutions.
With planting and regeneration projects all over Australia, we make it easy to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Plant trees

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Becoming a Carbon Positive Partner has stacks of benefits:

Join the global effort to mitigate climate change by supporting projects that draw down carbon, restore ecosystems and regenerate degraded land.
Our projects provide social and economic benefits to local communities and catalyse tree-planting activities across Australia.

Good for business

We’ll help you:

Calculate your carbon footprint
Create a sustainability plan
Set goals and prioritise sustainability
Track your goals
Communicate your impact

Good for the planet

Your support with planting projects:

Helps us plant Australian native trees
Reduces carbon emissions across the country
Boosts Australian conservation and restoration
Makes ecosystems more resilient
Protects and restores biodiversity

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Business Sustainability Course

Are you climate concerned? Do you want to implement more sustainable practices but are also time-poor and with bottom-line pressures?