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Are you a progressive, forward-thinking business or organisation that understands that healthy, native trees and forests are critical to climate health? Through our Australian reforestation offset programs and community tree planting projects, you can go beyond carbon neutral – you can become carbon positive and leave a lasting legacy!


Your business can have a positive environmental impact by funding tree planting, restoring landscapes and supporting healthy communities and Country.


Our business partners make it possible for us to plant more trees, sequester more carbon and have greater social and economic impacts than we could achieve alone.


Please feel free to reach out to Catherine and Lauren to discuss how your business can get involved in planting projects around Australia at 08 9200 2983.

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Hands holding a growing tree in soil

Plant Trees to Restore Australia

When you plant a tree with us, you are protecting our landscapes for the future, creating habitats for our wildlife, and sequestering carbon. Our projects are chosen to restore and regenerate land that needs the most help. When you plant a tree and partner with us you are making an investment in a healthy future for us all.

You can also work with us to develop your own Australian Restoration Project.

Calculate your organisation’s footprint

If your organisation wants to have a positive environmental impact by reducing its carbon footprint, we have developed resources for Australian organisations to help you get started.

When you partner with us to reduce your footprint, you support native tree planting projects that deliver greater social, environmental and economic impacts than just carbon sequestration.

Are you an employee or business owner and are you ready to step it up at work for the climate? Workplace giving is a simple way for employees to make pre-tax donations via payroll, offset their carbon emissions and plant trees. It’s a way for employees to go beyond carbon neutral and not only be carbon positive but bring positivity into the workplace. Find out what it really means to work together and build a carbon positive future.
Do you want to invest your wealth, energy and intentions in restoring degraded lands through reforestation, increasing biodiversity, supporting the building of community resilience to climate change, and empowering all Australians to take practical action for a healthy climate? Partner with us in creating a climate-healthy future.

Our Partners

Read more about our partners and how they are working towards a climate positive future.

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Phronesis Security

“By supporting CPA’s tree planting programs we can not only help turn the tide on carbon emissions but also support a host of downstream benefits such as increasing biodiversity, protecting rare species, improving the water table and quality, and protecting our soil from erosion and salinity.”

Elliot Dellys, Chief Realist

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Shire of Harvey Logo

Shire of Harvey

“The Shire values the importance of not only protecting the natural environment, but also the people that live in it. This is reflected in the multitude of community development events, planting days, and educational workshops that are run throughout the year.”

Harry Henson, Waste and Sustainability Officer

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Squad Logo


“The environment is really not negotiable – it would be difficult to stand by Squad’s mission of “pursuing great results for our talent, businesses and the community by making an impact in others’ lives” – if we weren’t caring for the environment in some way.” 

Kellie Howard, CEO

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Howard Park - Margaret River & Great Southern Logo

Howard Park Wines

I’ve been in and around the wine industry since I was a child, and it’s hard not to be passionate about restoring or giving back to the environment when you are surrounded by it and it is quite literally on your doorstep.

Natalie Burch, 2nd generation vigneron and current General Manager / Marketing Director

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“We partnered with Carbon Positive Australia on an activation: the Carbon Challenge – to celebrate the launch of their carbon calculator. The challenge offered education and tools to empower lifestyle changes to reduce carbon emissions. Our team all got involved and we ran an amazing giveaway. Our audience responded really well. We are motivated by improving and reducing our impact as a business, as individuals and hopefully inspiring our audience and following to do the same!”

Katie Munro, General Manager

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Logo reading Trade for Good

Trade for Good

“We are promoting the great work Carbon Positive Australia does for the broader finance industry with the hope that people will worry less about themselves and more about doing some good with their share trading like restoring land and planting trees.”

– Alistair Warren, CEO Trade for Good

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Mankind Digital

“Through the work that we do for our clients, we promote sustainability in tourism by using strategies to raise awareness about this important topic. This then encourages travellers to choose operators, destinations and experiences that are ethical and environmentally friendly, whilst giving back to local communities and the local economy.”

Keeley Warren, Founder

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Greenstone Drinks (SIMPLE Drinks)

“We wanted to make sure that any greenhouse gases caused by our products are neutralised, leaving things as they were. We’re a small family-owned company, and we don’t have the time and money to calculate every litre of fuel, water, and kW of electricity in the growing, juicing, bottling, warehousing, and delivery of our products.”

Joe Gehrke & Daphne Raj, Founders

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Sample Coffee Co.

“Since January 2020, we added a 20 cent ‘levy’ on all our retail bean bag sales. This means that with every bag we sell, we’re putting funds into a cause that takes immediate action in building or re-building forests. At the end of the FY, we donate the sum, and CPoz can use it to plant trees. We started after the big fires. We always had donated money to certain causes, but this system allowed us to donate on an ongoing basis and always in parallel with our sales volume — so more sales, more support, which is cool.”

Ainhoa Martinez

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Logo of Mawson Infrastructure Group

Mawson Infrastructure

“We have partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to plant 3989 trees in WA in 2021 and look forward to expanding our relationship over time. Carbon Positive Australia are doing fantastic work in the Eurardy region, aiming to plant 1 million trees, and we want to be a part of this native tree planting project. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. They also provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.”

Nick Hughes

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Next Level Personnel

“The reality is, we all need to start making significant changes to the way we live and start the process of reversing the damage we’re doing to our planet.  I want to do everything I can now to ensure my kids, and their kids have a clean and healthy planet Earth to enjoy. I strongly believe that most of us have the same vision, it’s knowing where to begin.”

Nick, Managing Director

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Yogi Peace Club

“We love to support Carbon Positive Australia as they are an Australian-based charity restoring Australian land with Australian plants. The Carbon Calculator makes it so much easier for us to track our footprint and to see where our donations are going.”

Emma, Owner

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ELO Digital Office

“A key component selecting Carbon Positive Australia was Catherine Patterson! While we had discussions with many other organisations, Catherine has been – by far – the most responsive. Whenever we had a question, we received an answer.”

Rainer Krause, Managing Director

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The Natural Bedding Company

“We are sending a message that greener businesses can be very valuable economically, and in doing so, we hope we can contribute to a wider shift in attitudes towards sustainability at this crucial time.”

Shani McCaig

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“Garnier has already made major steps towards achieving the goal of becoming a more natural and sustainable brand. This includes it’s Buy One, Plant One initiative, which the brand launched in partnership with Carbon Positive Australia in support of International Year of Plant Health (IYPH).”

Jane Hanger, Marketing Director

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Wainwright Facades

“When I saw that Carbon Positive Australia had planted 5.5 million trees since 2001, it really had an impact on me! I wanted to work with Carbon Positive and hopefully in years to come be part of an even bigger statistic. We donate 100 trees per month and, in many cases, our clients match this. Over 2020 we have supported the planting of 2617 trees. The staff have also got behind this program and are making a monthly donation through workplace giving.”

Joseph Wainwright, Owner

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“We looked both far and near to find an organisation with who we were comfortable to work and whose values align with ours. It was also important for us to be affiliated with a company that does all its work here in Australia. We wanted to know what was going to happen with our contribution toward planting trees and to see how well they will be nurtured until they have taken literally taken roots. It was not about looking for the cheapest way of planting trees, but for the most value-added to our Australian environment.”

Barb De Cort, CEO

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Byzantine Design

“We have also decided to make a donation to landscape restoration through Carbon Positive Australia alongside our freight Partner Customised Group who have agreed to match our donation, for every pallet shipped we will be making a donation to their native Australian planting projects.”

Dara Shashoua, Owner

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Carbon Heroes: Papercut graphic

PaperCut Software

“Supporting Carbon Positive Australia provides the chance for us to take our paper-saving one step further into direct action which creates a sustainable future. It’s something real and palpable (rather than pulpable) that we know is having an impact.”

Chris Dance, CEO & Co-Founder

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Homes with Integrity logo

Homes with Integrity

“We have decided to support Carbon Positive Australia and our planet by planting 150 trees for each home we build. Working out the amount of carbon that we produce with each build is hard to accurately estimate and offset, however planting trees is one of the best ways to do so. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide habitat for a great deal of Australian wildlife. Trees are crucial in keeping us alive, as they turn CO2 into oxygen, effectively cleaning our air.”

Viola Chick

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Logo for Smart Group Corporation


“Smartgroup customers who choose to offset the carbon emissions of their novated leased vehicles are now contributing to planting native trees at Eurardy Reserve, which is located on one of only 34 biodiversity hotspots recognised globally. On average, offsetting the carbon emissions of a small car will equate to 27 trees being planted, for a medium-sized car, it’s 32 trees and for a larger car, 36 trees will be planted. Annually the new partnership will aim to see over a quarter of a million trees planted at Eurardy.”

Additional Partners

Help us work on the Earth’s to-do list!

Our business partners make it possible for us to plant more trees, sequester more carbon and have greater social and economic impacts than we could achieve alone.

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To help us prepare for our call with you, please fill out as many details as possible in the form below.

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