Business Partnerships

Are you a progressive, forward-thinking business or organisation that understands that healthy, native trees and forests are critical to climate health? Through our Australian reforestation offset programs and community tree planting projects, you can go beyond carbon neutral – you can become carbon positive and leave a lasting legacy!

Your business can have a positive environmental impact by funding tree planting, restoring landscapes and supporting healthy communities and Country.

Our business partners make it possible for us to plant more trees, sequester more carbon and have greater social and economic impacts than we could achieve alone.

About Us

We raise money to plant trees for land restoration, for carbon sequestration, and for the community well-being. Each year we undertake and support a range of projects that increase canopy cover and biodiversity, and that have positive climate, health and wellbeing outcomes.

Plant Trees to Restore Australia

When you plant a tree with us, you are protecting our landscapes for the future, creating habitats for our wildlife, and sequestering carbon. Our projects are chosen to restore and regenerate land that needs the most help. When you plant a tree and partner with us you are making an investment in a healthy future for us all.

You can also work with us to develop your own Australian Restoration Project.

Calculate, Reduce and Offset your organisation’s footprint

If your organisation wants to have a positive environmental impact by reducing its carbon footprint, we have developed resources for Australian organisations to help you get started.

When you partner with us to reduce your footprint, you support native tree planting projects that deliver greater social, environmental and economic impacts than just carbon sequestration.

Are you an employee or business owner and are you ready to step it up at work for the climate? Workplace giving is a simple way for employees to make pre-tax donations via payroll, offset their carbon emissions and plant trees. It’s a way for employees to go beyond carbon neutral and not only be carbon positive but bring positivity into the workplace. Find out what it really means to work together and build a carbon positive future.
Do you want to invest your wealth, energy and intentions in restoring degraded lands through reforestation, increasing biodiversity, supporting the building of community resilience to climate change, and empowering all Australians to take practical action for a healthy climate? Partner with us in creating a climate-healthy future.

Case Studies

Hear from our partners about how they are working towards a climate positive future.

Four people jumping in the air in front of a sign reading "Summer x Salt"
Summer x Salt Markets

"I met Catherine at a United Nations SDG event, and we chatted about how their calculator could help us calculate the emissions from our event and that it could be offset via local tree planting projects. The alignment to our purpose was instantly connected."

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Zulu & Zephyr

"Working with CPoz allows us to combat climate change while restoring degraded land and creating much-needed habitat and biodiversity, and with a project close to home we can see the direct and tangible impact this is making."

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Forbo Flooring Systems

“We have to take real action now, and partnering with Carbon Positive in Australia to help reduce emissions and also restore native Australian habitat was a logical choice and something our entire Australian team is passionate about.”

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To read more about what a partnership with Carbon Positive Australia could look like check out our other case studies at the link below.