Close up of eucalyptus tree leaves at an Australian reforestation planting site to offset carbon emissions

Take a deep breath,
As you exhale…plant trees

Your Footprint. Australia’s Trees. Our Future.

Restoring Australia’s biodiversity is as easy as 1, 2, trees


Get the lay of the land—size up your estimated carbon footprint to measure your emissions.


Support Carbon Positive Australia’s native tree planting and restoration projects to offset your emissions.

Breathe easy

We’re experts in restoration and strategic plantings. And we’re here to help you do the right thing on carbon.

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Plant trees with us

Carbon Positive Australia is a charity that helps organisations, communities, and individuals take
climate action by contributing to tree planting and land restoration projects.

How you can support us

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Support native tree planting

Your monthly donation supports native planting projects—boosting biodiversity in Australia’s most degraded landscapes.

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Set and reach your environmental goals

Make your values tangible by becoming a Carbon Positive Partner. Ideal for environmentally aware organisations of any size.

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Restore your land

Apply now to find out how you can plant trees on your land. We support land holders who would like to restore their land through native tree planting.

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Make planting happen

Register your community group to attract volunteers and funding for native tree planting via our Plant Trees Australia program.

Track your impact

Together we’re regenerating Australia — here’s what you’ve helped us achieve:

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With over 20 years of experience, we’re experts in revegetation, reforestation, carbon offsets, and environmental plantings.

Meet our Carbon Positive Partners

Sweet fleet

Shire of Harvey offset their fleet vehicle emissions and contributed to tree planting and restoration projects—which sequester carbon and contribute to biodiversity in their own backyard.

Seasonal refresh

Zulu & Zephyr offset the transit costs associated with particular seasonal collections and contributed to land restoration projects in the Nightcap National Park—creating much-needed habitat and supporting biodiversity.

You Buy One, We Plant One

L’Oreal Garnier’s ‘You Buy One, we Plant One’ campaign made a powerful impact by restoring 408,000 trees to Australian land, enhancing local communities and nature. In the process they also empowered their customers to become part of their sustainability journey.

Become a Carbon Positive Partner

You’re in safe hands with Carbon Positive Australia. Meet your sustainability goals while you support Australian biodiversity. We’re here to help you elevate—and communicate—your commitment to carbon reduction.

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