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“It can be really hard to get a grasp on how the way we choose to go about our lives translates into carbon emissions that affect ecosystems all around us. I often feel helpless, or even apathetic when it comes to considering large scale climatic and ecological concerns. The work that Carbon Positive Australia does is so important and so empowering because it demystifies carbon and makes it tangible, giving everyone a chance to make the most effective changes to reduce their carbon footprint, not just the feel-good ones."

Joe Western Australia

"I was searching for a tree planting fund that was really grass roots, where money wasn’t going into marketing, but rather, into the physical projects and there was real, tangible results – something that was Australian based. When I reached out to Carbon Positive Australia to see if it would be a good fit, I quickly realised there’s lovely, passionate and capable people running on the ground planting, so it felt right. Since we launched, every product we sell, we donate to Carbon Positive Australia to plant a tree in our customer’s name."

Anna New South Wales

"I was feeling so disempowered about what was happening to Australia. I researched many organisations and found Carbon Positive Australia to be the most sincere, transparent, accountable and focussed organisation. They are an Australian member of 1% for the Planet, highly audited, and undergo their land restoration in a highly effective way. Each dollar spent accounts for a large amount of carbon fixed in Australia. Taking action as an individual is empowering. It came to a point where I no longer wanted to feel helpless and worried."

Andrew South Australia


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