Carbon Positive Australia has been developing native restoration projects that sequester carbon since 2001. As Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund, your donations have funded 200 projects across Australia and restored almost 5,000 hectares of land. We’ve changed our name, but your impacts keep growing.


We raise money to plant trees and vegetation on degraded land, restoring the native habitats of Australia.

The trees we plant are protected and can capture carbon for years, allowing us to generate reforestation carbon offsets.

All of the native trees and flora we plant are carefully selected and are indigenous to the land we are planting on.

Ensuring indigenious planting restores the biodiverse habitat, allowing our native fauna to enjoy it once more.

When you donate to us, you are helping to restore Australia and becoming a carbon hero!

Planting trees? Check. Fighting climate change? Check. Helping wildlife? Check.

Eurardy Reserve

Western Australia

Traditional Owners: Nanda Noongar
Why It’s Important: Eurardy Reserve protects more than 500 plant species, including five nationally endangered or vulnerable species.


Western Australia

Traditional Owners: Koreng Noongar
Why It’s Important: We are working with experts to undertake research on the rehabilitation of saline land. The results have the potential to change how carbon farming on salt ridden land is seen across the world.


Western Australia

Traditional Owners: Balardong Noongar country
Why It’s Important: This site will host a mix of biodiverse species and sandalwood and aims to to reduce water tables, stabilise and regenerate eroded land, and create shelter and mixed grazing fodder for livestock.


Western Australia

Traditional Owners: Minang Noongar
Why It’s Important: The planting site directly abuts the Stirling Ranges National Park. We are hoping our biodiverse plantings will provide a wildlife corridor with the park.

Your Footprint. Australia's Trees. Our Future.

Carbon Positive Australia is the new name for the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. Since 2001, we have been helping you to offset your carbon footprint by planting trees and revegetating degraded land. Your generous support has helped us to restore almost 5,000 hectares across Australia.

The climate crisis is becoming more evident through the impact on the land and on all of our lives. Last year’s fire season was unprecedented and the losses almost unbearable. We know that you care for what you love and we are pleased to see the pledges being made by industry and individuals to strive for carbon neutrality in the near future.

We believe that nature-based solutions, such as tree planting, are fundamental to our journey towards becoming carbon neutral. We also know that continuing our current relationship and addiction to carbon is something that needs to change. We want to inspire Australia towards reciprocity and that means giving back more than we take.  We want to challenge you to offset your carbon footprint whilst reducing your overall carbon impact and we want to encourage you to plant more trees for all of our futures.


The Future of Carbon Farming

The vision of CarbonCare is to support greater social innovation to enable organisations to promote new ways of solving long-term environmental challenges. CarbonCare seeks to boost community understanding of carbon farming and to encourage carbon planting.

This five year project has begun with research into landholder views of carbon farming, views of offset purchasers, and a co-benefits study.  It is supported by Lotterywest.