As Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund, we have been planting trees and restoring habitats in Australia for 20 years, thanks to the support of donors like you. When we began, climate change was talked about as a “future issue”. The future is now here, and we need your continued support to help us get the climate back on track.


Your donation allows us to restore habitats across Australia. To learn more about your impact, check out our project sites.


What does it mean to be carbon positive?

How do we work?

We raise money to plant trees and vegetation on degraded land, restoring the native habitats of Australia.

The trees we plant are protected and can capture carbon for years, allowing us to generate reforestation carbon offsets.

All of the native trees and flora we plant are carefully selected and are indigenous to the land we are planting on.

Ensuring indigenious planting restores the biodiverse habitat, allowing our native fauna to enjoy it once more.

When you donate to us, you are planting trees and reducing your carbon footprint.

Planting trees? Check. Fighting climate change? Check. Helping wildlife? Check.

latest news

Carbon Heroes: Wainwright Facades

To kick of 2021, we would like to thank our January Carbon Heroes Wainwright Facades from Canberra.  The team is supporting our planting projects through both workplace giving and business donations. Owner Joseph Wainwright has kindly written a piece for

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Celebrating 20 Years

As 2021 dawns we begin by celebrating our 20th Anniversary year! As an organisation, we have had many iterations, but our mission has remained constant: helping everyone to understand their carbon footprint and restoring degraded land here in Australia. Over

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How Can I Become Carbon Positive?

Going carbon positive means making a new set of choices that will deliver a cooler climate. We have a small window of time and opportunity to review and act for what we want for our future. The impact of COVID-19

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