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Calculate your business carbon footprint

Understand your impact — and start your sustainability journey

Businesses of any size can have a positive impact on the environment. And understanding your carbon footprint is the first step. Use our Business Carbon Calculator to measure, track, and reduce your emissions—all while supporting native tree planting projects.

Business calculating their carbon footprint

Why calculate your carbon footprint?

Understanding your impact is the first step towards reducing your carbon footprint. And it makes your sustainability journey more clear.


You can’t reduce what you don’t acknowledge! Once you understand the emissions you’re producing, you can create an achievable sustainability plan.


Armed with compelling facts and figures, you can make a convincing case to inspire even the most sceptical team members to join the sustainability movement.


Clearly defined, evidence-based targets will help you prioritise and implement effective changes that have a lasting impact.  

If you’re part of a business with fewer than 50 employees, a Carbon Positive Solutions Pack is a smart, affordable way to offset your emissions, set goals, measure impact, and work towards sustainable business outcomes.

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Estimate the value of your carbon footprint based on Australian Averages — and make an offset payment right on our website!

Start here if you’re a small business or just dipping a toe into carbon reduction. Getting started is easy! Here’s what you need to calculate your carbon footprint:

5-10 minutes
Your favourite device
An internet connection
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Full business
carbon calculator

Get an accurate carbon calculation across all areas of your business so you can create a strategic sustainability plan.

This tool covers most business activities, including utilities, travel, and staffing. When you request access to our comprehensive carbon calculator, we’ll ask you to:

Fill out a quick form
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Important information on our carbon credits

When offsetting with Carbon Positive Australia you are supporting native tree planting on degraded land across Australia. The funds go directly into our planting projects. We plant enough trees to offset each tonne of CO2e.

In establishing our offsets, we follow the methodologies set out by the Australian Government’s Emission Reduction Fund, using the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) to measure the amount of CO2e captured. As we don’t intend to claim Australian Carbon Credit Units due to the high cost and administration requirements, we do not have our projects audited by a third party. It also means that we do not develop ACCUs that fossil fuel emitters can purchase. Keeping administrative costs low, enables us to take on new projects and plant more trees. We supply in-depth planting and monitoring reports and photography to provide transparency around on-ground activities.

Our carbon offsets/credits are not verified or accredited offsets as they have not been validated and verified by an accredited third party. Unverified offsets are issued by the carbon project developer using relevant methodologies but are not independently verified. 

Every tonne of carbon you offset helps us plant more trees and shrubs, restoring our amazing continent’s natural landscape and biodiversity and capturing carbon.

Please continue to our FAQ’s to read more.


Choose from our Quick Business Calculator and our Full Calculator to work out your footprint.


Develop strategies to reduce your emissions. Your calculations will help to identify key areas to address.


Offset your footprint and reach carbon neutrality by supporting our native tree planting projects.


Share your journey with staff, customers and stakeholders. We provide a communication pack and project updates.

Need a hand?

We’re here to make calculating (and offsetting) your carbon as easy as possible. We know you’re busy and the prospect of finding some of the information the calculator needs can be daunting.

If you get stuck at any point, get in touch! Our friendly team are very familiar with the process — and we’re more than happy to help.

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Business owner hands holding tree seedling

Carbon offsetting in action

Sweet fleet

Shire of Harvey offset their fleet vehicle emissions and contributed to tree planting and restoration projects—which sequester carbon and contribute to biodiversity in their own backyard.

Seasonal refresh

Zulu & Zephyr offset the transit costs associated with particular seasonal collections and contributed to land restoration projects in the Nightcap National Park—creating much-needed habitat and supporting biodiversity.

You Buy One, We Plant One

L’Oreal Garnier’s ‘You Buy One, we Plant One’ campaign made a powerful impact by restoring 408,000 trees to Australian land, enhancing local communities and nature. In the process they also empowered their customers to become part of their sustainability journey.

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To help us prepare for our call with you, please fill out as many details as possible in the form below.