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Our tree planting projects

We unite people through our programs and initiatives, develop biodiverse tree-planting projects, and support collaborative tree-planting efforts. Our projects facilitate community-led climate action for a healthier environment.

We plant trees across Australia.

Where do we plant?

We plant native trees across Australia to restore land and enhance biodiversity, with a particular focus on the following areas.

Southwest & Wheatbelt WA

Southwest WA is one of the world’s 36 global biodiversity hotspots. This region has been extensively cleared and is experiencing negative impacts from erosion, salinity, and biodiversity loss. We partner with local landholders to restore native vegetation to the land.

Northern NSW & Big Scrub region

Restoring land in the Big Scrub NSW

The Big Scrub rainforest once covered more than 75,000 hectares. Today, there is less than 1% of this diverse ecosystem remaining. We are planting to preserve this unique and critically endangered ecological community.

City &
urban areas

Australia’s major cities are experiencing significant urban heat island effects due to climate change and lack of canopy cover. We strategically plant in urban areas to increase green cover for community health and well-being.

In your

Each year we support a number of community planting groups across Australia to plant trees in their local area. Our aim is to catalyse tree planting across the nation, facilitating community-led climate action for a healthier environment.

Tree planting is essential to combat climate change
and restore healthy ecosystems

While we measure how much carbon has been sequestered, we also ensure that the trees we plant have multiple benefits for wildlife, communities and land restoration.

Ecosystem restoration

We plant multi-species native trees and shrubs to connect landscapes, provide a home for wildlife, and protect threatened species. As a nation, we are witnessing rapid biodiversity loss. Our projects aim to maintain and improve Australia’s unique biodiversity.

Community & urban greening

Urban greening offers a solution to the environmental, social and economic challenges that urban areas face. Integrating green spaces, such as urban pocket forests, provides community resilience to climate change and reduces the effect of the urban heat island impact.

Regenerating degraded farmland

Working with landholders, we identify degraded areas and plant native trees and shrubs to address issues such as erosion, salinity, and desertification. We use innovative techniques and share our research to amplify the results of our work.

Planting to capture carbon

Tree planting holds immense potential for combatting climate change. While we measure the carbon capture from our large-scale projects, our priority is ensuring an ecologically sensitive outcome that provides positive results for the environment, the community, and the climate.

We only plant trees in Australia

Restoration from the ground up

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