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Our tree planting projects

We unite people through our programs and initiatives, develop biodiverse tree-planting projects, and support collaborative tree-planting efforts. Our projects facilitate community-led climate action for a healthier environment.

We plant trees across Australia.

Carbon Positive Australi Potti Putki. Planting seedlings in Australia.

Where do we plant?

We plant native trees across Australia to restore land and enhance biodiversity.


We plant on cleared and degraded land, focusing on the Western Australian Wheatbelt and the Big Scrub region in Northern New South Wales. We primarily work on rural land where large areas have been cleared for agriculture.

Regional and remote communities

We support Indigenous and regional communities to regenerate and rejuvenate their lands through tree planting.

City and
urban areas

Two women and two children planting seedlings

Australia’s major cities are experiencing significant urban heat island effects due to climate change and lack of canopy cover. We plant in urban areas where there is the greatest need.

Tree planting is essential to combat climate change
and restore healthy ecosystems

When we plant trees, we measure how much carbon has been sequestered, but we also ensure that the trees we plant have multiple benefits for wildlife, communities and land restoration.

Ecosystem restoration

We plant multi-species native trees (and shrubs!) that connect landscapes, provide a home for wildlife and protect threatened species.

Miyawaki forests for communities

Miyawaki forests are named after their pioneer – Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki – and were designed as compressed forests for small areas. We are funding these mighty pocket forests in schools and communities across Australia.

Regenerating saline-impacted farmland

Working with landholders, we plant on land that would otherwise degrade further. Utilising the latest research, we restore saline-impacted land back to health using a biodiverse mix of native species.

Woman walking through a planting area during sunset.

We only plant trees in Australia

Restoration from the ground up

Restore ecosystems

Check out our largest restoration project, Eurardy Reserve, on Nanda County. Restoring a globally significant kwongan heath ecosystem. The team is faced with the mammoth task of replicating one of nature’s most diverse ecosystems…

Capture carbon

Discover our Brookton Biodiverse carbon project, on Ballardong Noongar Country, where we are working with WA landholders to plant trees on marginal land, no longer useful for food production. Capturing carbon whilst restoring County. 

Support community projects

Did you know that native forests grown using the Miyawaki method can be planted in spaces as small as 3m²? We are funding community projects across Australia, find out more about Miyawaki Pocket Forests here.

Deliver educational tools

We were the first organisation in Australia to have an online Carbon Calculator. Our award winning version of this easy to use calculator can be found here. Calculate now to discover your carbon footprint.