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Manypeaks planting site

Manypeaks, WA

Minang Noongar country

Habitat for the endangered birds

This project will provide critical habitat for the endangered Noisy Scrub Bird. This special bird is on the IUCN’s Red List and is a Priority Species on the Government Threatened Species Action Plan. We will be restoring an ex-farming property with a biodiverse selection of native trees and shrubs, benefiting the Noisy Scrub Bird and many other native fauna species.

Koala in a tree at a planting site

Clunes, NSW

Bundjalung country

Helping our koalas

We are seeking support to restore this former Big Scrub Rainforest property. Big Scrub Rainforest once covered almost 75,000 hectares but was cleared during the 1800s for timber and agriculture. We will plant a biodiverse mix of native rainforest species, capturing carbon and providing critical habitat for koalas and other native rainforest species.

High angled drone image of planting rows in sandy soil adjacent to remnant vegetation (Chiddarcooping Nature Reserve)

Warralakin, WA

Kalaamaya country

Extending a nature reserve

This extraordinary site is owned by a local conservation group and is home to several threatened flora species. We will be planting a biodiverse mix of trees and shrubs to extend an existing Nature Reserve and provide habitat for a range of native fauna, including the endangered Malleefowl.

Brookton saltland restoration

Brookton, WA

Ballardong Noongar country

Repairing salt-affected country

Much of the WA Wheatbelt region is at risk from dryland salinity. This project aims to restore health to land that has been severely impacted by salinity and water logging. We will revegetate the area with a biodiverse mix of salt-tolerant species; preventing further degradation. Without this restoration work, the land would eventually become a salt scald and be unusable for both humans and wildlife.

Banglow reforestation site

Bangalow, NSW

Bundjalung country

Supporting cleared farmland back to natural habitat.

Located directly inland from Byron Bay, this property has been infested by Camphor Laurel (an invasive weed species native to the Asian continent). With your support, we plan to restore the native rainforest, providing habitat for native species and sequestering carbon.

Talbot tree planting site

Talbot, WA

Ballardong Noongar country

Restoring habitat for birds

With your help we will partner with a local landholder to plant trees and increase habitat and food sources for native birds, including Black Cockatoos. Our planting plan will aim to improve the water quality of the creek running through the property, benefiting both humans and animals alike. This project will have huge benefits for WA bird life.

Join us, and together, let’s restore Australia.

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