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If your organisation wants a positive environmental impact by funding tree planting, restoring landscapes, and supporting healthy communities and Country, you’re in the right place!

Support native tree planting projects in Australia

We can work with you to integrate native tree planting and land restoration into your business model, plant a tree for a new client, plant a tree for a new member of staff, or plant a tree for a product sold.

Get involved in some of the most important restoration projects in Australia, capture carbon, support biodiversity and create more native habitats.

Planted tree seedling

Support local tree planting projects in line with your organisational goals

Working to your reporting criteria, your organisation can make a positive impact in two ways:

Fund tree

Work with us to integrate simple initiatives. Plant a tree to celebrate each sale or business milestone. You will be planting trees at some of Australia’s most important restoration projects.

We can provide you with a range of assets to suit your needs.

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Fund Community groups to plant trees and join the pocket forest revolution. You will be funding climate change impacts in urban and regional settings across Australia.

We can provide you with a range of assets to suit your needs.

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Hear from our Carbon Positive Partners

Sweet fleet

Shire of Harvey offset their fleet vehicle emissions and contributed to tree planting and restoration projects—which sequester carbon and contribute to biodiversity in their own backyard.

Seasonal refresh

Zulu & Zephyr offset the transit costs associated with particular seasonal collections and contributed to land restoration projects in the Nightcap National Park—creating much-needed habitat and supporting biodiversity.

You Buy One, We Plant One

L’Oreal Garnier’s ‘You Buy One, we Plant One’ campaign made a powerful impact by restoring 408,000 trees to Australian land, enhancing local communities and nature. In the process they also empowered their customers to become part of their sustainability journey.

Guided by your values and reporting criteria, we can help you integrate our project impacts into your business model — so you can deliver tangible ESG benefits.

Your trusted sustainability partner

With over 20 years of industry leadership, Carbon Positive Australia understands the complexity of sustainable initiatives and takes pride in simplifying the process for you. Our projects support land regeneration, biodiversity, carbon sequestration, habitat restoration and communities. So you can be sure your investment has a tangible impact on reducing the impacts of climate change.


Bespoke projects in line with your long or short-term strategic goals. Bring your sustainability goals to life by living your values each day.


Ongoing monitoring of tree planting sites, indicative carbon measurement, and marketing assets are part of your partnership.


We’re here to help providing you with assets that you can share with your team, customers and wider stakeholders.

Get involved in climate innovation with a simple framework that suits your business. Contact our business development team to get started.

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Watering tree seedlings for restoration planting

Becoming a Carbon Positive Partner has stacks of benefits

Your support with planting and regeneration projects:

Helps us plant Australian native trees
Increases capacity for community tree planting groups
Reduces carbon emissions across the country
Supports biodiversity and habitat regeneration
Boosts Australian conservation and restoration
Aids the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
Makes ecosystems more resilient

Join the global effort to mitigate climate change by supporting projects that draw down carbon, restore ecosystems and regenerate degraded land. Our projects provide social and economic benefits to local communities and catalyse tree-planting activities across Australia.

Get involved in innovative restoration projects in Australia to capture carbon, support biodiversity, and create more native habitats.

Why Carbon Positive Australia?

We help organisations (like yours) take climate action by contributing to tree planting and land regeneration projects. And we’ve been doing it since 2001.

When you partner with Carbon Positive Australia, you support Australian native tree planting projects, which contribute to the global effort to mitigate climate change. But here’s the thing:

It’s not just about the trees.

Woman holding seedling at tree planting event
Seedlings ready for restoration planting site

With over 20 years’ experience, we’re experts in tree planting. And we’re here to help you meet your sustainability goals.