Save koala habitat and protect the Big Scrub
Save koala habitat and protect the Big Scrub

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The Big Scrub NSW
Biodiversity in sothwest Western Australia

Help restore our Biodiversity Hotspots

It’s a win-win for everyone.
And it can only be done when we unite together.

The Australian environment is under threat

It has got to stop.

It is time to unite for nature.

We need you.
Nature needs you.

Brookton saltland restoration

There is the saying that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together, and tackling climate change is something we should do together. It is not up to one individual, and it certainly isn’t something we can do alone. We should empower and encourage one another, within our families, friendship circles, and colleagues at work, to make small changes to better this Earth. Signing and sharing our pledge is one way to do that.”
– Lauren Purcell, Communications & Partnerships Coordinator

The UN decade of restoration

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Why supporters say this pledge is important?

forests are a part of human habitat, we are responsible for caring for all beings

– Emma

Fight the power against climate change now and end all fossil fuels.

– Jerry

Australia is the extinction capital of the world because we have been destroying, rather than working with, the soil. Biodiversity hotspots are the best targets, but we need people to change their thinking and especially their actions

– Cheryl

We need to take care of the earth for future generations. God created the world and charged us with taking care of it.

– Stephanie

Conservation is my passion and I care deeply for our environment, the flora and fauna and believe that our Home deserves better.

– Imogen

I support CPA in their initiatives.

– Charlie

We are blessed to live in this beautiful northern rivers area and we would like to offer whatever support is needed to assist in maintaining, growing or preserving this pristine and stunning part of the world, so many more generations can continue to enjoy the richness of what it offers.

– Sarah

Because we need nature, clean air and extinction is irreversible. Plus concrete is ugly.

– Claire

Not sure, you haven’t told me what the pledge is?!

– Rachel

We must regenerate what we have destroyed, with a focus on diversity hotspots

– Jen

Black Cockatoos, Western Australias Biodiversity

– Tracy

We use to have black cockatoos till the neighbour had to cut the tree down because it was falling onto out shed and house.
I miss them.

– Shelley

WE have a tree for a logo! of course we love trees and want to help social responsibility in the corporate sphere

– sarah

For future generations the koala and other native animals

– Deborah

Because I think it’s essential to protect what is left for the future and to do what we can to stop the destruction

– Emmanuelle

It’s the least I can do to help preserve the world’s fragile bio diversity, we’re all in this together

– Ruth

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