An 18-month-old Miyawaki forest planted by Brettacorp near Tully in Far North Queensland

What’s So Great About Miyawaki Forests?

Native forests grown using the Miyawaki method: can be planted in a space as small as 3m2; mature up to 10 times faster than with traditional reforestation methods; need no maintenance within 2 to 3 years; have biodiversity levels up to 18 times greater than traditional planting methods.
Jess at Brookton Salt Seedling Infill Delivery
Western Australia is home to some of the most biodiverse biospheres in the world. This beautiful state was largely uninterrupted for 270 million years, allowing time for a diverse range of flora and fauna to evolve, many of which are endemic to this corner of the world. Today Western Australia has one of the worst deforestation rates in the world, and the Wheatbelt of WA is one of Australia’s most degraded land areas.
Phronesis Security is Australia’s first B-Corp certified cyber security company and was established with a mission to do “Cyber Security for Good”. Inspired by Effective Altruism and the 80,000 Hours project, Phronesis Security established a corporate philanthropy model in which 10% of its monthly profits (capped to 3% of total revenue) are donated to highly effective charities, measured in terms of impact-per-dollar using Australian and international data and charity rankings.
Shire of Harvey Logo
The Shire of Harvey is a local council in Western Australia and is located within the state’s southwest region, with a population of approximately 26,500. In 2021, Harry Henson, Waste Management Officer for the shire, began discussions with Carbon Positive Australia on offsetting their fleet emissions for the shire’s previous financial year and contributing to native tree planting.
Squad Logo
Squad is a community-minded Not for Profit organisation delivering employment, training and HR solutions to individuals and businesses for over 40 years. They joined Carbon Positive Australia as Donate a Tree in 2022 as a community partner.  Planting a tree for every customer to support the philosophy of their “Growing your Future” campaign.
Howard Park - Margaret River & Great Southern Logo
Howard Park is a family-owned, West Australian winery. In 2022 they began a program with Carbon Positive Australia to donate $1.5 of every bottle sold to tree planting. Natalie Burch, General Manager talks about their connection to the land and how this has influenced their environmental path.
The last year was a huge one for Carbon Positive Australia. It was a year that wouldn’t have been possible without the support of you, our donors. Your support enables us to create habitat for rare flora and fauna, so that together, we can achieve a healthier Australia for all. Before we share our plans with you for this year, we wanted to reflect on the year that was 2022.
''The Carbon Challenge'' was a four-week challenge hosted by Arnhem in partnership with Carbon Positive Australia. It called for individuals to calculate their footprint and make small changes to their lifestyle that would have a big impact.
Man and a woman standing in a field looking at a notepad.
We have been keenly awaiting the Chubb review of the Australian carbon market credits scheme, administered by the Emissions Reduction Fund, and finally, we have it. The review findings conclude that the scheme does not lack integrity whilst making recommendations to improve its integrity and transparency.
COP15 Biodiversity Summit took into consideration traditional owners, like the Nyoongar Rangers on site at Badgebup.
The United Nations COP15 Biodiversity Summit has delivered some key takeaways and it's something to celebrate. So what are the main points of agreement?
Western Australian Christmas Tree - Nuytsia floribunda
"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me..." You might be familiar with the holiday song "The 12 Days of Christmas," but we are putting a spin on the old classic here at Carbon Positive Australia with the "12 Species of Christmas." We think these 12 native species sum up the holiday season for various reasons.