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New South Wales accounting firm steps it up for the environment by supporting native tree planting projects on a monthly basis

Discover how a local NSW accountant is stepping it up for the environment and accounting for nature through their tree planting program with Carbon Positive Australia.

The challenge

With a genuine belief that accountants can make a profound impact on the lives of their clients, Director Suzanne Walker is committed to radically transforming the lives of her clients on a personal, social, and emotional level.

As a business owner, she is also committed to caring for the environment and wanted to work with an organisation that aligned with her values and give back.

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Tree seedlings ready to be planted at land restoration site in Australia

The solution

Working together, we came up with a solution that would work best for their business model and offered simplicity and ease. The idea was to plant 635 trees a year over a yearly basis.

This partnership is now in its third year and is one of many partnerships that can be tailored to suit your business.

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“At Clear Path Accounting, we love our partnership with Carbon Positive Australia because they share our passion for a sustainable future. Their dedication to environmental responsibility resonates with our values, and we’re proud to support their impactful initiatives. By partnering with Carbon Positive Australia, we actively contribute to carbon offsetting and the restoration of our planet. Together, we’re forging a clear path towards a greener, healthier future.”
– Stacey Randell, Marketing Manager

The impact

Trays of karri seedlings on the back of a ute
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