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Local music festival partners with Carbon Positive Australia to donate for every car park pass sold

Music is a powerful force. Discover how Grapevine Gathering, an Australian music festival partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to make their WA event even greener.

The challenge

Committed to making more sustainable choices for their music festival, the Untitled Group that runs Grapevine Gathering encouraged their patrons to consider taking a transfer bus to and from the venue to minimise the carbon footprint of attendees.

But what about those who wanted to drive to the festival?

Grapevine Gathering partnership
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The solution

Understanding that there would be some attendees who would want to drive, they created their parking passes which allowed on-site car parking for the day. For those that secured a vehicle pass, a portion of their purchase ($5) was donated to Carbon Positive Australia.

“We decided to partner with Carbon Positive Australia to encourage our attendees to think how they can minimise their carbon footprint through their chosen method of transport to the festival!”
– Isabella Misurelli, Communications Coordinator for The Untitled Group

The impact

trees planted
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