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Western Australian Winery gives back to the land through an exclusive range, donating $1.50 from every bottle sold

Discover how Howard Park Wines collaborated with Carbon Positive Australia on their exclusive Wine Club member’s range ‘Arbor Novae’ and brought to life their sustainability commitments.

The challenge

Howard Park Wines is a family-owned, West Australian winery with a longstanding history of crafting beautiful wines for over 35 years in the region. Over the last few years, they have begun implementing a number of sustainability initiatives. As the natural environment has been and always will be their biggest source of inspiration, they wanted to find an organisation to work with to acknowledge this.

Howard Park Wines partnership with Carbon Positive Australia
close up shot of an Acacia pulchella

The solution

The release of their Arbor Novae range was an additional way to acknowledge their connection to the environment, and by partnering with Carbon Positive Australia to donate $1.50 from every bottle sold, they could contribute to reinvesting in the land through our native tree planting projects.

I’ve been in and around the wine industry since I was a child, and it’s hard not to be passionate about restoring or giving back to the environment when you are surrounded by it and it is quite literally on your doorstep.
– Natalie Burch – second generation vigneron and current General Manager / Marketing Director

The impact

tonnes offset
Planting tree seedlings at Bencubbin land restoration site
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