To kick off 2021, we would like to thank our January Carbon Heroes Wainwright Facades from Canberra.  The team is supporting our planting projects through both workplace giving and business donations. Owner Joseph Wainwright has kindly written a piece for us about why the environment is important to him and his business.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and the inspirations behind your brand?

Wainwright Facades is a specialist façade contractor that supplies, manufactures and installs a range of different cladding products around Canberra. I, Joe Wainwright, started the company 6 and a half years ago. My inspiration behind trying to build a company is my family back in England. Each of them inspire me daily to get out of bed and work harder than I did the day before. I wanted to create a company in Australia that was founded on the qualities they founded in me, hardworking, funny, reliable and loyal.

Why is caring for the environment important to you?

The world we are living in is falling apart. Climate change is real and I feel that anyone in a position that can make change in this world no matter how small it may seem, should do it. Unfortunately, we have got to a point on this Earth where by it’s not so much about caring for the environment, it’s more about trying to look after our generations that follow. That said, I love being able to help out and continue to try and be a voice to anyone that will listen.

What motivates you to support Carbon Positive’s work in particular?

When I saw that Carbon Positive Australia had planted 5.5 million trees since 2001, it really had an impact on me! I wanted to work with Carbon Positive and hopefully in years to come be part of an even bigger statistic.  We donate 100 trees per month and, in many cases, our clients match this. Over 2020 we have supported the planting of 2617 trees. The staff have also got behind this program and are making a monthly donation through workplace giving.

Are there any other environmental initiatives that your organisation is working on?

Our work is wood intensive. We only use certified sustainably sourced products.  The tree planting program with Carbon Positive Australia is to give something back to compensate for what we are using. We wanted to be able to donate 10,000 trees within 5 years of starting. It’s very ambitious, but we won’t stop trying.

Keep fighting the fight. Try and get people to join and let’s save the planet!

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