Your Business. Australia’s Trees. Our Future.

Award-winning tourism operator The Hike Collective takes a stride towards sustainable outdoor adventures by donating for every hiking ticket sold.

Discover how The Hike Collective allows its members to revel in the beauty of nature and empowers them to be active participants in its preservation.

The challenge

The Hike Collective’s mission is to provide a safe space to explore the rugged beauty of Western Australia while mobilising the power of movement, connection, and nature through unique hiking experiences.

Hiking trails in WA are an avenue for movement and connection, our pristine and diverse landscapes, flora and fauna are a great source of enjoyment and well-being and The Hike Collective wanted to amplify the importance of protecting our biodiversity. This is where their partnership with Carbon Positive Australia comes in.

The solution

For every ticket booked to a Hike Collective event a $1 is donated to Carbon Positive Australia. Owner and Founder, Kate Gibson, took it one step further by adding the option for participants to also plant a tree at checkout.

By working with Carbon Positive Australia, The Hike Collective is able to help restore the balance between our environment and the community. Through the act of planting trees, they are sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, creating habitats for wildlife, stabilising soil, and improving local air and water quality.

“Aligning with Carbon Positive Australia is more than a partnership; it’s a shared dedication to the wellbeing of our planet. By choosing to support carbon positivity and actively participating in the restoration of the Australian environment, we recognise the interconnectedness of nature and human experience. Our commitment stems from the belief that every step we take in preserving Australia’s natural beauty is a stride towards a healthier, more sustainable world.”
– Kate Gibson, Owner and Founder

The impact

To date, the partnership has seen approx. trees planted
Drone photo showing rows of native trees
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