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Local council offsets fleet emissions and contributes towards tree planting and restoration projects in Australia

Discover how a local council that values the importance of protecting the natural environment partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to offset its fleet emissions.

The challenge

The Shire of Harvey is a local council based in Western Australia. In 2021, Waste Management Officer for the Shire, Harry Henson, began discussions with Carbon Positive Australia on offsetting the fleet emissions for the Shire’s previous financial year. It was important to the Shire that the emissions offset from the fleet were directed into native restoration projects in Australia.

Shire of Harvey Case Study
Louise visits Shire of Harvey 2023

The solution

Working together with the Shire using accurate and detailed information, we were able to assist in calculating their fleet emissions. Once we knew the tonnes of carbon that needed to be removed, we were able to assess how they could contribute towards our native tree planting and restoration projects that offer both carbon sequestration and nature positive benefits via our high-value ecological plantings.

The Shire values the importance of not only protecting the natural environment, but also the people that live in it. This is reflected in the multitude of community development events, planting days, and educational workshops that are run throughout the year.
– Harry Henson, Waste and Sustainability Officer

The impact

tonnes of carbon offset
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