Couple Monthly Climate Care Plan

$35.00 / month

Your monthly Couple Climate Care Plan reduces your carbon impact while benefiting Australian habitats through native biodiverse tree planting.

For this plan, we will plant enough native trees and shrubs to capture 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year across the lifetime of the project. Our trees are legally protected for 25-100 years to ensure the carbon is captured.

This monthly subscription also includes:
• 3 additional tonnes of carbon capture to help you become carbon positive
• 8 trees planted a month / 91 trees planted each year

Every Climate Care Plan will:
• increase biodiversity
• protect rare native species
• provide wildlife habitat
• restore water cycles
• improve soil health
• increase resilience to climate change

The cost of this plan is based on the average expected carbon capture rate and tree density across our planting projects. The plan includes an additional contribution to help you go beyond carbon neutral. This means you’re funding additional benefits to the Earth and having a carbon positive impact.