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Biodiversity refers to the variety of life on Earth and is crucial for the health and functioning of ecosystems and the well-being of human life. Recognising the importance and value of biodiversity here in Australia and taking steps to conserve and protect it is crucial for our future.

What is biodiversity?

Australia’s biodiversity

Why biodiversity loss should matter to you

As humans, we rely on biodiversity to survive. We are all connected in an extensive natural system where each element supports and enables us all to thrive.

Here is why biodiversity loss is important and why it should matter to you.

Ecosystem services

Biodiversity underpins the ecosystem services that sustain our lives and well-being. These services include clean air and water, fertile soil, pollination of crops, natural pest control, and climate and disease regulation. Biodiverse ecosystems provide the foundation for these vital services.

Food security

Biodiversity is essential for food security. A diverse range of plants and animals contributes to a resilient food system, ensuring we have access to various food sources. Biodiversity loss can disrupt agriculture, leading to reduced crop yield and limited food choices.

Health and medicine

Many of the medicines we rely on are derived from natural sources. Biodiversity provides the raw materials for medicines to be created. Biodiversity loss reduces the availability of medicines.

Cultural and creative value

Biodiversity is often intertwined with culture and creativity. Many cultures have spiritual, artistic, and traditional connections to specific species and ecosystems. Losing biodiversity can erode cultural identities.

Recreation and tourism

Environments rich in biodiversity offer opportunities for recreation, tourism, and outdoor activities. From hiking to surfing and everything in between, these activities contribute to local economies and provide a connection with nature. Biodiversity loss will reduce our ability to enjoy nature and these activities.

Economic impacts

Many industries rely on biodiversity. The loss of biodiversity can lead to economic disruption, job losses, and decreased revenue for sectors.

Biodiversity loss has far-reaching implications that affect our health, livelihoods, culture, and economy.
Recognising the importance of biodiversity and taking steps to conserve and protect it is the only step forward.

We need biodiversity. But biodiversity also needs us.

What can you do to protect biodiversity?

The conservation of biodiversity is the responsibility of all Australians because our survival as humans is dependent on the survival of biodiversity.

The Biodiversity Council reported in June 2023 that 97% of Australians want more action to protect biodiversity, and most consider that every person in Australia has a responsibility to act, including all levels of government.*

Often the most challenging part can be knowing where to start so we have put together some actions you can take to contribute to protecting biodiversity in Australia.

Remember that small actions can make a significant difference.