Calculate Your Business Carbon Footprint

Are you a start-up or SME that wants to become Carbon Positive? Do you want to understand your carbon footprint and reduce it? Are you finding it difficult to find the right information and tools to begin this process? Our charity exists to empower every Australian to take effective action on their carbon footprint, by offering free and accurate carbon calculators and information on reduction strategies.

Knowing your carbon number means learning about your carbon footprint through calculating. This will provide you with a baseline to reduce and measure impact. The team at Carbon Positive have developed tools to help organisations calculate their business and event  carbon footprint. The benefits are many; you are making and investment in the future and developing a sustainable and efficient business model. Contact us to discuss. 

WE can help you to

  • Contact us to get started with a free business-specific carbon calculator spreadsheet to establish your direct carbon emissions.
  • Fill in the spreadsheet.
  • Understand your emissions and what you can do about them.
  • Offset your footprint through Australian native tree planting projects.

what you need to do

Invest some time.

Whether you DIY your carbon footprint or get help from a consultant, some time will need to be spent collecting information such as utility bills, flights taken or fuel consumed.

Offset Partners

Please read more about about organisations we partner with to reduce emissions:

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All funds go towards supporting our charitable objectives which are planting native trees and providing educational resources. We also have fundraising and administration costs which a portion of your donation supports. To view our financial reports please go here. If you contribute via plant a tree or carbon offsets your funds will be allocated to planting pools from all of our planting sites.

It really depends. Generally, carbon uptake is measured on a per-hectare basis, rather than a per-tree basis. The amount of carbon sequestered per hectare depends on tree growth, which depends on the species and the planting density. In high rainfall zones with good quality soil, it may take 3-5 trees over 25 years to remove 1 tonne of carbon dioxide. In lower rainfall zones with poorer soil, it could take as many as 15 trees.

We plant on cleared and degraded land across Australia, with a particular focus on the Western Australian wheatbelt. We mostly work on rural land where large areas have been cleared for agriculture. In 2021 we have expanded our portfolio of projects to develop community and urban projects throughout Australia. These will focus on activating community tree planting and climate mitigation. You can find out more about our current and past projects here.

Sometimes. Many of our projects are located in remote areas without facilities to cater for volunteer groups. Our carbon projects must adhere to strict planting methodologies so we tend to use professional planting contractors.

As we undertake more community planting projects we may have more opportunities for self-funded volunteer groups. Please contact us if you are interested.

Business contributions can be more complicated. It depends on the nature of the gift/contribution. The ATO has information on their website or please contact us.

Our carbon sites are registered with the Australian government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) and undertake monitoring in line with ERF methodologies. Our offsets are unverified, as we forward sell to support the charity’s mission of tree planting and restoration. Please contact us if your business needs verified offsets. 

Other Ways We Can Help You

We can help you create a program that works for your business.