Spicy Broccoli Media Company

Spicy Broccoli Media are this months Carbon Hero. They have been planting a tree for every new customer since 2011, and have now donated a fabulous 311 trees to help restore the Australian landscape. We asked them a little more about why they’re committed to caring for the environment.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and the inspirations behind your brand?

Every day, people are overwhelmed with messages forced upon them by businesses trying to be heard. These messages can be lost in translation and lost in the noise, resulting in a breakdown between business and consumer.

After working at big ad agencies I wanted to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are doing great things, have great ideas, and are helping the community.

At Spicy Broccoli Media, we pride ourselves on the ability to position our clients’ ideas, products and businesses to be irresistible. Creative thinking and results-based goals makes our campaigns. Understanding the minds of our target audience and the perceptions that they hold allows us to inject a shift in their thinking, altering a behavioural change that ultimately results in success for our clients.

Why is caring for the environment important to you?

It’s not good enough to have a thriving business. In terms of sustainability, we do our part on an individual level, but businesses can make a big impact as well.

What motivates you to support Carbon Positive’s work in particular?

I feel like our two brands are aligned in terms of helping businesses create a more sustainable future.

Are there any other environmental initiatives that your organisation is working on?

Spicy Broccoli Media loves trees big and small. Giving back to the environment should be a part of every business, especially one that has a small tree as a logo. We have started a great initiative called Spicy Goes Green.

We use the least amount of paper in the office as possible, suggest recycled paper for clients’ printing needs, and support re-vegetation in Australia to offset carbon emissions from servers and equipment. A tree is planted with Carbon Neutral for every new client. Upon signing up, each new client receives a certificate (on 100% post-consumer recycled paper of course) and a letter detailing where in Australia the revegetation has taken place.

In order to help our staff with travel times we offer flexible working schedules so people can come and leave early, arrive and leave late, as long as they get their work done and manage their time.

Internally we started an initiative (borrowed from my daughter’s school) called Waste Free Wednesdays. Each week we are reminded and everyone on the team is encouraged to remember their Keep Cups, and bring all snacks and food in reusable containers. In the studio we have Waste Free Wednesdays where we all use as little waste as possible and the person who “loses” has to do a chore.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our supporters?

If you’re not innovating, you’re moving backwards. We want to be able to pour our passion into what we do. I tell people the best thing about my job is the people I get to meet people who each have a gift to share with the world. If we can help them communicate that in an authentic way, I am happy. We live by KISS – Keep it Simple and Spicy and that’s exactly what keeps people coming back. We treat both our employees and customers with respect, with an attitude of gratitude, and we stay humble yet excited for what’s ahead.

April 2019 Carbon Hero and sustainable business Spicy Broccoli Media