Carbon myth – paper bags vs plastic bags

With the recent change to mandatory reusable plastic bags in our supermarkets, it has been very easy to look back on plastic bags as the most harmful option in terms of environmental impact. Paper bags, with their biodegradable materials and recyclable disposal, are often considered to be the environmentally-friendly choice when compared with their plastic counterparts. In fact, this is a common misconception; overall paper bags are more harmful to the environment than disposable plastic ones.

Plastic Bags vs. Paper Bags

Are paper bags really better than plastic bags?

  • Try and get the most life out of your bags, and don’t be afraid to use ripped or torn bags to carry clothes and other light objects.
  • When it comes time to dispose of your bags, do so responsibly. Or better yet, consider options that cut down on your bag use altogether.
  • Remove bin liner bags from your bins, use backpacks and cloth bags as often as possible, and hand carry your shopping when it is small volume. Small changes like this can have a huge impact on our environment.