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2022 Telstra Awards

We were chosen as a State Finalist in the Telstra Best of Business Awards. Carbon Positive has a 20-year track record of restoring degraded lands through biodiverse tree planting and was picked as a finalist in the Promoting Sustainability category.

2022 anthem Awards

Carbon Positive Australia’s own Carbon Footprint Calculator has taken a Silver Award in the category ‘Sustainability, Environment, and Climate Special Projects’.

We wanted to demystify the world of carbon by creating a tool that is intuitive, accurate and transparent. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved and hope it empowers Australian households to understand and reduce their carbon footprint.” – Jess Fitzgerald, Carbon Positive Australia


  • The Little Magazine: “Towards a more positive future”
  • The Australian Farmer (online): “Carbon Farming Risk Management – A CarbonCare Cash Study from Rural SW Western Australia”
  • Slow Journal (print): “Carbon Positive Australia – Celebrating 20 Years of Land Restoration”
  • Nourish Magazine (print): “Future Proof Your Footprint”
  • The Green Hub (online): “What’s Your Carbon Footprint? Use this Calculator to Find Out.”
  • Re:Think Magazine (online): “Reflect, Reduce, Restore by the team at Carbon Positive Australia”
  • Coles Health & Beauty Magazine: “A Natural Wonder”
  • Teen Breathe (print): “If You Go Down to the Woods Today”
  • Cosmos (online): “What goes into the carbon calculator black box?”


  • ABC Radio – In Focus with Jessica Strutt: What is Carbon Positive and How Can You Reduce Your Footprint, featuring Louise Tarrier, CEO (What is carbon positive and how can you reduce your footprint? – Focus – ABC Radio)
  • Curtin Radio (Curtin FM 100.1): Afternoons with Jenny Seaton, featuring Louise Tarrier Wheatbelt Radio: Carbon Positive, featuring Louise Tarrier
  • RTR FM: Calculating Carbon Positivity, featuring Catherine Patterson, Head of Partnerships (Calculating carbon positivity with Catherine Patterson « RTRFM / The Sound Alternative)