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Acacia Legacy Circle

The Acacia Legacy Circle is a special society that recognises donors who include Carbon Positive Australia in their Will. For over 20 years, we’ve worked to sequester carbon by undertaking ecologically sensitive tree planting, improving biodiversity and contributing to a healthy climate for Australia and beyond. The vital support of the Acacia Legacy Circle and other individuals who have made special commitments makes this work possible. Everything we have achieved has been achieved with you, our donors.

Why become an Acacia Legacy Circle member?

Acacia Legacy Circle Logo: Gifts in Will Group
Picture of Golden Wattle in Eurardy

Acacias are an essential pioneer species – they are resilient, hardy and vigorous, preparing the ground for thriving future forests. We believe those who leave a gift in their Will are pioneering in the same way – providing for future growth, resilience and climate health for all.

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