April 20, 2021

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‘Restore Our Earth’ with SERA, a Restoration Conversation

Our work in carbon sequestration has highlighted the importance of restoring native habitats. Since the 1920s, land clearing has been an issue throughout Australia. Over 44% of Australia’s forest and woodlands have been cleared and areas, such as the South West’s biodiversity hotspot, having had a dramatic loss of species biodiversity and abundance. Land clearing doesn’t just result in the devastating loss of vegetation; it also significantly affects surrounding communities, such as erosion, increased salinity, habitat loss, fragmentation, biodiversity loss, species loss, and ecosystem services disruption.

Individual showing the process of furniture making

Positive Action with Anna from Made By You

“Protecting and regenerating old growth forests is one of the most crucial things we can do to face climate change. The amount of carbon these kinds of trees sequester simply can’t be regenerated in our lifetime. I did a lot of research before starting the business that led me to use plantation grown, and fast-growing timber rather than using hardwood supplied from FSC or PEFC certified forests.”