Announcement: Support from Lotterywest

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Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF), a WA not for profit organisation whose mission is to restore our unique, biodiverse natural habitat through planting trees, has now solidified their place as a major player in helping save our environment thanks to support from Lotterywest.

The $360,500 grant will bring the community and in particular, WA farmers and landowners, closer to creating a healthier tomorrow by growing their understanding of the carbon cycle and the benefits of carbon farming, plus encouraging everyone to take active steps to reduce their carbon footprint. 

The majority of funds will be injected into a five-year campaign that will involve working closely with WA farmers via the new CarbonCare™ project. CarbonCare™ is a research project aimed at helping farmers and landowners take full advantage of the carbon market opportunities available now and in the future, providing them with information about the benefits of taking part in carbon farming.

CNCF will begin its CarbonCare™ project this month by seeking the perspectives of farmers and carbon offset buyers to understand what’s required to increase participation in carbon farming. CNCF will use this research to identify opportunities to encourage more landowners to plant trees to offset carbon emissions.

Recently appointed CNCF Chief Executive Officer Louise-Marlena Tarrier said, “Receiving grants such as this are invaluable to the future of our planet. We need to promote the many benefits that arise from carbon farming, which includes things like, sustaining biodiversity, pasture and stock protection, soil conservation, improved water quality and reduced salinity.

“This support has the potential to transform the Western Australian landscape on a large scale. We owe a big thanks to Lotterywest and all its supporters for seeing the importance of our work to promote innovative and creative solutions to environmental challenges.”

Lotterywest CEO Susan Hunt PSM said the $360,500 grant would support project costs for the next five years. “We’re proud to provide a grant that works towards and supports the reduction of carbon emissions in the unique Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.

“This project will enable us to better understand environmental and socio-economic impacts of farming, as well as to work with the community on ways to best manage our sensitive ecosystem.”

Denise True from CNCF developed the project and comments, “We developed CarbonCare™ as a collective approach to address barriers, gaps and opportunities to make carbon farming a common agricultural practice. Carbon farming can deliver multiple and critical sustainability objectives across environmental, economic, social and cultural themes, including restoring our connection to nature.”

Louise-Marlena adds “It is vital that we boost interest in carbon farming with landowners, farmers and everyone involved in land management. Our goal is to facilitate support for greater participation and to ensure that our land and soil does not become any more degraded than it already is. Our future depends on it.”

The Lotterywest grant will also be used to develop a new and improved carbon footprint calculator, something CNCF has provided to climate-conscience individuals for many years. The new calculator will provide users with an immersive and educational journey and enable individuals, organisations and the agricultural community to calculate and understand their own carbon footprint, helping everyone to understand their social and environmental impact on the world. 

More info on CarbonCare™ Project 

CarbonCare is a research project aimed at helping WA farmers take full advantage of the carbon market opportunities available now and in the future.

The research aims to inform future policy and carbon industry development in WA. Registering as a participant will ensure farmer understanding, insights and opinions are considered in developing this sector into the future. 

Jennifer West and Kerryn Maddams of Carbon West, and Johanna Tomlinson of Clear South form the farmers research team. They all have farming backgrounds and are passionate about the future of agriculture in WA. 

Survey data will be anonymous (i.e no answers attributed directly to a respondent) and survey participant details will not be used for any other purpose.  A summary report on the data collected will be presented later this year, and all participants will be provided a digital copy.  

CarbonCare is a Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund project supported by Lotterywest and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. Project delivery by Carbon West and Clear South.