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Carbon emissions

Carbon emissions do not discriminate by border and one tonne of emissions released locally is felt globally.
But, just as importantly, one tonne of carbon emissions reduced locally helps to lower emissions on a global scale.
Everything we do to reduce carbon emissions will make a difference.

What are carbon emissions?

We all create carbon emissions by going about our everyday lives. Carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases that trap heat in our atmosphere, causing our climate to change.

Australia’s emissions

Australia has one of the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita of all developed countries.

In the year to March 2023, our per capita emissions were 17.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. As a nation, there is great scope for us to reduce our emissions by changing our behaviour.

Your emissions

Did you know that everything we do in life has an impact?

Get involved

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Support native tree planting

If you want to have a positive environmental impact by funding tree planting, restoring landscapes, and supporting healthy communities and Country, you’re in the right place!

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Set and reach your environmental goals

Make your values tangible by becoming a Carbon Positive Partner. Ideal for environmentally aware organisations of any size.

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Restore your land

Apply now to find out how you can plant trees on your land. We support land holders who would like to restore their land through native tree planting.

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Make planting happen

Register your community group to attract volunteers and funding for native tree planting via our Plant Trees Australia program.