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Climate change and environmental matters can be quite a lot to sift through. In this Knowledge Centre, we’ll break down what you need to learn and keep up to date research just for you.


There are so many positive benefits from planting trees, from carbon sequestration to increasing biodiversity to improving water quality. Learn more about why we choose to use native trees and shrubs to capture carbon.


What is the carbon cycle? What's the difference between 'carbon neutral' and 'carbon positive'? How can I understand my own carbon emissions? We have your questions about carbon covered in our Carbon knowledge centre.


We love collaborating with individuals, landholders, businesses and community organisations in our quest to restore Australia.


Our Australian Carbon Footprint Calculator is a free step-by-step tool that empowers you to reduce your carbon footprint
frequently asked questions

We raise money to plant native trees and vegetation on degraded land across Australia. The trees we plant are protected and can capture carbon for many years, allowing us to generate reforestation carbon offsets. We educate everyone on how to measure and reduce their carbon footprint. We encourage making a new set of choices that will deliver a cooler climate and biodiverse habitats for flora and fauna.

Yes. Carbon Positive Australia is a trading name of the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. We are a not-for-profit environmental charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. You can find out more here.

Your funds will go towards supporting our charitable objectives which are planting native trees and providing educational resources. We also have fundraising and administration costs which a portion of your donation supports. To see a breakdown of expenses, check out our latest Year in Review report.

Yes. Donating to tree planting projects or revegetation offsets through Carbon Positive Australia is tax deductible for all contributions over $2. To claim a deduction with the ATO you must keep proof of your contribution in the form of a receipt or bank statement. Please note that the purchase of any Carbon Positive Australia merchandise is not tax deductible.

Absolutely. For all donations made via our website or over the phone you will receive a tax receipt directly to your email. If you have any questions regarding your receipt, contact us at admin@carbonpositiveaustralia.org.au or on 1300 857 970.

In order to ensure high quality governance, some administration costs are required. Our funding model is such that all of our donors contribute to our administration costs. We try to keep these costs to a minimum where possible.

We do not have a dedicated volunteer program. However, opportunities to volunteer for our organisation or our partner organisations will be advertised on our website.

Yes! Research is a large component of the work we undertake at Carbon Positive Australia. We are currently undertaking a 5-year research project called CarbonCareTM, which is supported by Lotterywest. We also undertake on-site research at many of our planting sites. Recent projects have included salinity research (supported by a National Landcare Program grant) and Sandalwood demonstration sites.