Fire risk is often a concern that is raised by our donors. It is a potential risk which we take measures to prevent, and, in our 20 year planting history, we have only experienced one major fire. 

Below you’ll find FAQ’s about bushfires. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Unfortunately, all bushland is susceptible to fire, however we take all actions within our control to protect our projects.

We prepare fire management plans for each of our planting sites. This includes outlining any potential fire risks or hazards, the location of fire breaks, and the accessibility of water supplies and fire fighting equipment. Landholders are responsible for maintaining firebreaks. We ensure that we plant only native trees and shrubs. Many of these species are adapted to survive occasional bushfires.

We take all actions within our control to protect our projects and many of the native species we plant are able to withstand and recover from fire and other natural events. We have access to offsets from both existing and future plantings. Depending on the time of purchase, reforestation offsets may be allocated from trees already planted, or trees due to be planted next winter.

Thankfully, none of our projects were affected during the horrific 2019/20 fire season. In 2014, a bushfire swept through one of our sites in South Australia. You can read more about the fire and how the site recovered here.