About Trees

Since 2001, we have planted trees to capture carbon. But, capturing carbon isn’t the only benefit of planting trees. Learn more about our planting projects, trees and biodiversity below.

Our Work

Check out our projects across Australia.

Why Trees

Learn why we used this nature-based solution to capture carbon.


Find out why biodiversity matters.

Additional Reading:

happy people planting in the Great Southern

Planting in the Great Southern

In partnership with Threshold Environmental, and with support from the Small Farms grant and your generous donations, we have recently completed our planting at Cranbrook

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Benefits of Trees
Trees offer so many positive benefits to us and the Earth.
Improving Health
And Well-Being
Providing Habitats
For Our Native Flora and Fauna
Increasing Biodiversity
And Protecting Rare Species
Improving Water Quality
And The Water Table
Protecting Soil
From Erosion and Salinity