• Region: Northern, NSW
  • Scheduled Planting: 2021
  • Size: 29 hectares
  • Seedlings Count: 625 – 2,500 trees/ha
  • Species: Angophora, Araucaria, Callistemon, Eucalyptus, Lophostemon
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This property has been used to graze cattle and is generally steep and has been extensively cleared. At lower levels there are dry rainforest species and also riparian areas. The property is bound by Websters creek to the north west. Nightcap National Park is situated 6km to the north east and the Border Rangers National park and Mebbin National Park are located approximately 9km to the north.

The property intersects with the Websters Creek Subregional corridor. Koala are located in the project area. It is likely that reinstated vegetation communities could provide a range of habitat for fauna including additional threatened species.

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To provide additional corridor planting. Corridors allow species movement from one area to another and can provide a means of moving to habitats that support species development. The locations of corridors in the landscape can be critical, such as connecting ridge, slope and riparian habitats like those at this site.

We are hoping to increase habitat for endangered species including koalas. We will also increase stocking in the dry rainforest area which will improve biodiversity and encourage further natural regeneration.