Project Updates

kaarakin conservation centre & The Endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo

In 2014, we assisted Kaarakin Conservation Centre in planting 38 hectares of the Banyowla Regional Park with native species known to be essential to the feeding, breeding, and roosting cycles of three endangered cockatoo species. We might be experts in biodiverse plantings, but we are not orinthologists, so we met with Sam Clarke, Animal Management & Education Officer, to discuss all things cockatoos.

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Corridor Creation for Threatened Nimbin Koalas

In a beautiful piece of synchronicity, work will begin on our Nimbin, NSW planting project during September – National Biodiversity Month! The Nimbin project is located in a medium to high value koala habitat area and will link up a wildlife corridor that extends through to Nightcap National Park. Koalas have been seen on the project property, both in the trees and on the ground, as well as on neighbouring properties. There’s also an abundance of wallabies who have recently been spotted frolicking in the spring clover!

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