Practical Changemakers: A Carbon Positive Story

“Carbon Positive Australia’s vision is to empower everyone to take positive climate action by revitalising and improving the health of landscapes and communities throughout Australia. Through our work, we get to talk to, and spend time, with people who are working for the health of our environment every day. These practical changemakers and leaders don’t often make the headlines but the work that they do is vital in our changing world. It’s my pleasure to introduce some of them to you and for you to hear more about their work, to be inspired and to find out ways you can also become a practical changemaker.”

– Louise Tarrier, CEO, Carbon Positive Australia

Carbon Positive Australia Team Louise Tarrier
Carbon Positive Australia Team Catherine Patterson

Episode 1: Walking the talk - Business and sustainability

With Duncan Ritchie and Catherine Patterson

Join Duncan Ritchie & Catherine Patterson as they join Louise to discuss investment banking, finance and business development in our ever changing world. It was at the end of 2019, during the UN’s Conference of Parties in Madrid where world leaders gave a collective shrug on climate action as Australia was ravaged by the worst bushfires in living memory. This moment was one that compelled Duncan to focus on business to accelerate action on climate change. Be inspired to make change in your business as Duncan and Catherine, Head of Partnerships for Carbon Positive Australia discuss the ways in which businesses can become motivated to take action on climate change.

Episode 2: Demystifying Ethical investments

With James Baird

When it comes to living more sustainably and ethically, for many of us we have a good understanding of how to contribute but can the same be said for our investments. There are many options for those who want to invest responsibly. Join James Baird as he discusses with Louise his passion for investing ethically and how you can achieve your goals in a way that also offers environmental benefits. James is listed as one of the Most Influential Advisers in Australia, so if you are looking to make changes for the better, this is one chat you do not want to miss.

Episode 3: beyond recycling

With Maryline Cassou & Sharka Hornahova

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – these are terms we are all familiar with but are we familar with the difference between the three and did you know that in Western Australia we aren’t really recycling plastic?! Join Maryline Cassou of KITO Plastics & Precious Plastics Perth, and Sharka Hornahova of Donut Waste & Responsible Cafes as they discuss with Louise how plastic waste is one of the main issues of the waste management crisis in WA and what can be done to rectify this.

Episode 4: not your average calculator

With Niaal Holder & Jess Fitzgerald

In 2020 Carbon Positive Australia was supported by LotteryWest to build a personal carbon calculator alongside the design team at Anthologie, a local Perth creative agency. Join Niaal Holder, Digital Director of Anthologie and Jess Fitzgerald, Commercial & Carbon Project Coordinator from Carbon Positive Australia as they discuss with Louise the design, data collection and analysis of this new and improved tool and why is is important that we understand our personal carbon footprint.

Episode 5: All About and all for our trees

With Pollyanna Darling

When you meet someone who is deeply passionate about trees, only then can you understand their importance. Join Pollyanna Darling, Carbon Positive Australia’s Head of Community and Philanthropy as she discusses with Louise, why trees are amazing, how they mitigate climate change and why when working together so much more is possible. Coming from a background in project management, reforestation, community engagement & NFP sector management, this is one chat you do not want to miss and one that will make you want to immerse yourself in nature.

Episode 6: Putting the heat on climate change

With Cesira Leigh & Glen Ryan

Cesira has a strong foundation in sustainability, commercialisation, stakeholder engagement and project management. Glen is passionate about the energy sector which is currently undergoing rapid disruption. Together they run Sunovate, which was founded to create a platform for the rapid transition to renewable heat. The approach is to fundamentally reform the way heat energy is sourced and delivered to customers. Join Cesira and Glen as they chat with Louise about how energy and sustainability can go hand-in-hand to create a better future for all.
Co-Founders of Sunovate, Cesira Leigh & Glen Ryan
Basil Schur of Green Skills

Episode 7: Connecting Nature

With Basil Schur

In 1981, Basil Schur came to Western Australia to study at UWA in Perth. After graduating with qualifications in science, education and environmental management. He is now Project manager with Green Skills, an NGO dedicated to working for sustainability initiatives. He has been with this group since it was formed in 1988, based in Denmark, on WA’s south coast. Basil was awarded the NRM National Landcare Manager award in 2021.

Over the years, Basil has coordinated many projects linked to landcare, eco restoration, wetland conservation and farm forestry. Basil is passionate about promoting Gondwana Link, and in this series chats to Louise about the large scale conservation program that aims to reconnect habitat across 1,000km of country across the lower South West.

Episode 8: Simple steps to sustainability

With April Hannah & Lauren Purcell

Like so many people who watched War on Waste in 2017, April Hannah was inspired to take action the moment it finished and she continues to do so today. With a Diploma in Sustainable Operations, April delivers educational workshops and custom training programs about waste and sustainability in WA.

Lauren, Communications & Partnerships Coordinator for Carbon Positive Australia, is equally passionate about sustainability and ethics and believes you can’t have one without the other (social and environmentally sustainability must go hand-in-hand). Join them as they discuss with Louise, how you can make take the small steps that add up to making a big difference just by following your passion and speaking up.

Episode 1: Solutions Orientated Activism and Art

With Brenna Quinlan

Join Brenna Quinlan an Artist and Educator who has taught permaculture in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. As an Artist, she has worked with the Australian Red Cross, Milkwood Permaculture, the Bob Brown Foundation and CSIRO to name a few! Brenna currently runs ‘Grow Do It Permaculture Education’ a project focused on bringing climate solutions to kids (and their parents) through art, music and creativity. This episode will be sure to inspire the Artist in us all and inspire us to create change that improves the Earth through permaculture principles.

Episode 2: Below the Ground - Soil Carbon

With Jennifer West

Join Jennifer West, Founder and Managing Director of Carbon West, a WA based carbon farming consultancy as she discusses just what inspired her to get behind working in the carbon sector and in particular why soil carbon is so important.

Experienced in regenerative farming, journalism, publishing, natural resource management administration, small business, directorship and soil carbon project development Jennifer has a broad range of knowledge and experience.   She has managed a fine-wool Merino breeding program, completed numerous environmental protection/regeneration projects (including creek line fencing, revegetation, vermin control and weed eradication), improved farm management infrastructure, implemented annual cropping programs and introduced numerous ‘sustainable farming’ initiatives across a property she farmed with her husband near Boyup Brook.

This episode will help you to understand just how important soil is to the agricultural sector in Australia.

Episode 3: Housing the future

With Keith Hutchings

Join Keith Hutchings founder of the Comfortable Home Project, a non profit working to change the way we build houses in Australia.

On this episode, Keith chats with Louise about how badly we are doing housing in this country and how good it could be, the ways in which we can make our homes more environmentally sustainable and the link between the environmental crisis and housing crisis.

Episode 4: Working for the Climate

With Laure Legros

Laure’s career in climate change started two years ago, when she decided to leave her job in digital advertising. She felt that the magnitude of the climate challenge was too big and becoming a parent to a now 3 year old boy accelareted her need to take action.

As a French-Australian citizen, currently living in Sydney, Australia, Laure is the Head of Experience for WorkforClimate, an organisation that provides climate-concerned professionals with the tools, guidance and community to help them accelerate their company’s actions on climate.

Join her as she discusses how as an employee or business owner you can take charge.

Episode 5: Events for the Environment

With Amy Rankin

Join Amy Rankin, a wild, wonderful and friendly human who cares deeply about the planet. Amy is an enthusiastic volunteer, event coordinator and board member for Activate Tree Planting, an organisation that she believes has the magic recipe for creating change.

Activate brings Wheatbelt farmers together with members of the community from suburbia to regenerate areas of farmland suffering the effects of erosion or salinity from years of aggressive agricultural techniques.

Using the power of people and community to pull of amazing camping weekends in the wheatbelt, Amy and the Activate team always ensure there are smiles and laughter. Join her as she discusses just how fun caring for the environment can be.

Episode 6: Hair to a Greener Future

With Paul Frasca

As the Managing Director for Sustainable Salons Australia & New Zealand, Paul Frasca’s role takes him all around Australia and New Zealand where he speaks to audiences in the waste management, hair, beauty, fashion, hospitality, medical and education industries; all interested in learning how to adopt a more sustainable approach in their everyday lives and businesses.

Join him as he discusses how the hairdressing industry has a critical role to play in making changes for the better and how no matter what industry you are in, you can too.

Episode 7: Ecology and Natural Capital

With Tina Parkhurst

Tina is an Ecologist and has worked on the Eurardy Reserve project in WA with Carbon Positive Australia where she managed the implementation of the 1 million-tree project, which will see nearly 2,700 hectares of cleared land restored. Currently undertaking a PhD that focuses on the restoration of York Gum Woodlands, Tina understands and holds in-depth knowledge that will inspire you to take action for the environment.

BONUS Episode: An Interview with the Founder of 1 Million Women

With Natalie Isaacs

We don’t need to give you one million reasons for tuning into our bonus episode this season, just one name – Natalie Isaacs. 


Founder of 1 Million Women, a global movement started in Australia that encourages the movement of women and girls to take practical action to fight climate change by changing the way they live. Her first book  ‘Every Women’s Guide to Saving the Planet’ was released in 2018, and Natalie joins us to discuss her latest book ‘Right Here, Right Now’ and chats with Louise about what you can do right now to make a difference.


Natalie is deeply invested in building a better world for today and future generations and believes we’re all living in the critical decade for climate action. 

Episode 1: Grow Do It

With Charlie Mcgee

Charlie McGee is a songwriter, ukulele player, permaculture designer, and founder of the world-renowned ecological funk/swing band, Formidable Vegetable.

His music has since made it into the United Nations Hall of Fame (who acclaimed Formidable Vegetable for writing about the ‘important issues of our time’) as well as making it onto the stages at Glastonbury alongside acts such as Ed Sheeran, Tame Impala and The Rolling Stones.

Join him in this inspiring chat as he reminds us that a lot of the problems we face could be avoided if we just use less.

Episode 2: The Kids Aren’t Alright - Parents for Climate Action

With Nic Seton

After 15 years of campaign management and senior leadership roles for global and national non-government organisations in Australia and the UK, Nic took a year out to care for his two young children. He then joined Australian Parents for Climate Action as its CEO in 2021, determined to facilitate effective public pressure for climate action.

Nic brings his experience in delivering award-winning public campaigns, rapid strategy development and organisational leadership to support the team at Australian Parents for Climate Action to achieve rapid growth and strategic impact.

Join Louise and Nic as they discuss how parents can be powerful advocates in their community and how parents can help their children understand climate change.

Episode 3: Fairy Tern Tales

With Dr. Claire Greenwell

Claire is a Conservation Biologist and Ornithologist passionate about sea and coastal birds. She recently completed a Ph.D. exploring the life history, behaviour, and ecology of the Australian Fairy Tern with the overarching view of informing conservation efforts for this vulnerable species.

Claire is Citizen Science Manager at the Conservation Council of Western Australia and works across various ecosystems, connecting landowners with citizen scientists to undertake ecological monitoring. She also convenes the Western Australian Fairy Tern Network (CCWA) and engages with land managers, NGOs, community groups, and citizen scientists across the state to increase protection for breeding colonies.

Join Claire as she discusses why citizen science is so important, the threatened Fairy Tern, and how you can get involved and make a difference. Claire is one inspiring individual making a huge difference to threatened species and the landscape of Australia. This is one chat you must hear.

Episode 4: Travel with Purpose


Join Keeley Warren, the founder of Mankind Digital, an award-winning sustainable tourism organisation as she discusses with Louise how we can all play a part in changing the tourism industry for the better.

Keeley’s interest in responsible tourism was sparked after extensively travelling through 40 countries and 100 cities across 6 continents, witnessing the challenges of “overtourism” first-hand. She writes about responsible tourism for various destination marketing organisations and tourism experience providers, and through her work, she promotes the benefits of responsible travel.

Keeley is passionate about connecting people with new ways to create long-lasting memories while leaving the world a better place. Find out just how you can too.

Keeley Warren: Travel with Purpose

Episode 5: Connected and Resilient Communities

With Rachel Pemberton and Shani Graham

Have you ever heard of ‘dumpster diving?’…slightly put off by the term? Trust us; after listening to this episode, you will be inspired to change the way you think about waste.

Join Shani Graham, an ex-school principal who became increasingly worried about the state of the world, so decided to take action into her own hands, creating a more sustainable life not only for herself but for her community and Rachel Pemberton, a local council member. She has a passion for living sustainably and has created several green initiatives in her local community.

Join them both as they chat with Louise about what it takes to bring sustainability into your community.