• Region: Great Southern, WA
  • Planted: 2021
  • Size: 25 hectares
  • Seedlings Count: est. 1,500/ha
  • Partner: Green Skills
  • Species: Acacia, Bossiaea linophylla, Callistachys lanceolata, Eucalyptus, Banksia, Persoonia longifolia, Viminaria juncea 
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Important conservation property is sited near Rocky Gully and Frankland River, in the Upper Kent catchment in Western Australia’s Great Southern region. The 49.5 ha (122 acres) property has approximately 16ha of remnant bush and 33.5ha of cleared land. Green Skills have acquired this land with the intention of providing an eco-restoration.

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This property is a part of the Gondwana Link and its restoration serves to provide a strategic link between the Tootanellup Nature Reserve, and a Water and Rivers Commission Reserve inclusive of Boggy Lake (part of a group of 3 freshwater wetlands of very high conservation value).

Eco-restoration of the property would resolve a bottle-neck constriction in this section of Gondwana Link. Eco-restoration on the property will be undertaken post purchase to strengthen the eco-linkage between these reserves. There are then bushland eco-linkages all the way down to the Mt Roe National Park and almost up to Poorerecup Lagoon, a Shire of Cranbrook reserve.