Nimbin, NSW

Widjabul Country

Located in a medium to high-value koala habitat, this northern NSW property was previously used to graze Dexter cattle and has been extensively cleared. This 33-hectare ecological restoration project will provide a wildlife corridor, linking up remnant bushland between two national parks. Our aim is to restore the site to a thriving forest, increasing habitat for a range of endangered species (including koalas), improving biodiversity, and encouraging further natural regeneration. 

One of the challenges of this site is the shoulder-high Setaria (a thick, tufted, African pasture grass) that covers much of the planting area. This grass is very hard to plant into and slashing is difficult due to steep slopes and hidden rocks. 

In 2021, we began work on the 6 hectares allocated to bush regeneration. This included removing invasive species such as camphor laurel and privet. In 2022, we planted a diverse mix of approximately 70,000 native dry rainforest, sclerophyll and riparian species across the remaining 27.5 hectares. The species mix was highly diverse with a total of 104 species planted. Bush regeneration and site maintenance will continue over the coming years. 

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Table of Contents

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Project Overview

  • Planting Type: Biodiverse Carbon
  • Region: Northern Rivers, NSW
  • Planted: 2021 (bush regeneration), 2022 (planting)
  • Size: 33 hectares
  • Seedling Count: 69,500 
  • Partner: Future Forests
  • ERF Registered: Yes (Environmental Planting Methodology)
  • Legal Permanence: 100 years

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