Eurardy Reserve


  • Region: Northern Country, WA
  • Planted: 2019, 2020
  • Future Planting: 2021-2023
  • Size: 1,350 hectares
  • Seedlings Count: 221,834 (hand-planted)
  • Land Owner:  Bush Heritage Australia
  • Planting Partner: E-Scapes Environmental
  • Species: Eucalyptus, Lamarchea, Melaleuca
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Before its protection in 2005, the Eurardy site was used as a pastoral lease of which over 2,300 hectares had been cleared for agriculture and grazed extensively for decades. This changed the landscape and entire ecosystems were modified and degraded. With the loss of vegetation, other land degradation occurred including fragmentation of habitat, dryland salinity, erosion, low soil seed bank levels, and chemical residue from fertilisers remaining in the soil.

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Eurardy protects more than 500 plant species, including five nationally endangered or vulnerable species. The reserve also forms a crucial ecological linkage between the Kalbarri National Park to the west, and the Toolong Nature Reserve to the northeast. By planting what used to grow here, we hope that these plants will then set their seeds to the wind and eventually start to develop naturally self-sustaining habitats and ecosystems.