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Your donations help fund biodiverse tree planting projects that restore Australia's landscape, sequester carbon, improve soil health, restore water cycles and so much more. In 2023, we will be restoring more than 480 hectares of degraded land and funding several community planting projects. Find out more about these exciting projects below

Warralakin, WA

Kalaamaya Country

Scheduled 2023 | 185 ha

Located directly adjacent to Chiddarcooping Nature Reserve, this ecologically significant site is part of a larger property owned by Bush Blocks Guardians Inc. (a local not-for-profit conservation group). Previously cleared and used for cropping, the planting site is located within a biodiversity hotspot and is home to several threatened flora and fauna species, including Malleefowl. This project aims to restore native vegetation to the area, creating habitat to support a range of woodland species including Dunnarts, Western Yellow Robins, Brushtail Possums and Pink Cockatoos. Native seed will be collected from the surrounding bush later this year and grown into seedlings at the Noongar Land Enterprise’s Boola Boornap Nursery. These seedlings will be hand-planted during winter 2023.

Nanda Country

Scheduled 2023 and beyond | 1,350 ha

Eurardy Reserve is located within the Southwest Botanical Province of Western Australia – one of only 36 global biodiversity hotspots. We are working in partnership with Bush Heritage Australia to restore 1,350 hectares of cleared land with a biodiverse mix of native trees, shrubs and ground cover. This project aims to restore the natural ecosystem and protect the land from further degradation and habitat loss. Since 2019, we have planted more than 395,000 seedlings on the Reserve’s red soil areas. Planting will now move towards the trickier yellow sandplain soils. In 2022 we planted a 27-hectare trial area on the sandplain. The results have been positive and our aim is to plant a further 300 hectares in 2023.

Miyawaki Forests - Perth, WA

Whadjuk Noongar Country

2023 | Funding 5 Pocket forests

We are working with Dr Grey Coupland (Harry Butler Institute) and the local community to develop Miyawaki ‘pocket forests’ across suburbs of Perth that are particularly impacted by the urban heat island effect. These fast-growing, low maintenance native forests help to cool thermal hotspots and provide shade and amenity. They also provide habitat for native fauna, reduce the effects of storm water runoff and help seed rainfall. In 2022, we funded five of these pocket forests in the Perth metropolitan area and a community garden in regional WA. Planting Miyawaki forests offers valuable learning opportunities for school children and allows them to take practical action in the face of climate change. In 2023, we will be funding another 5 of these incredible forests.

Banksia Gardens Community Services Sensory & Bush Foods Garden - Broadmeadows, VIC

Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country

Scheduled 2023

We will be supporting Banksia Gardens Community Services to develop a shady corridor and food forest of diverse indigenous, productive trees and plants. The trees will: produce food for the community, mimic a forest ecosystem to ensure long-term soil fertility; create microclimates, and increase biodiversity. Social impacts include reducing vandalism, positively impacting local residents’ mental health, and providing extensive opportunities for volunteering and community connection. As a climate adaptation and mitigation initiative, the planting will cool the Hume urban environment by increasing shade. Engagement and social participation is centred around community events and access to Indigenous bush foods. In addition, the gardens will create safe, calming spaces for children experiencing emotional difficulties associated with trauma.

Regen the Plains - Goulburn Valley, VIC

Yorta Yorta Country

Scheduled 2022 | Funding 500 Trees

Based in the Goulburn Valley region of rural Victoria, this project aims to restore areas of Plains Grassy Woodland – an endangered ecosystem where less than 1% remains uncleared, 68% of which is on private property. Planting activity will happen during an annual event; restoring Country powered by community. Engaging rural and metro communities in volunteer tree planting and the restoration of degraded fringing agricultural land, this project also promotes environmental stewardship and sustainable farming practices. The 2022 planting site covers 1,800m2 in total. The focus of this planting is on enhancing understory and mid-story species around a natural lagoon with recovering remnant grey box woodland.
Photo credit: Dan Walker (Regen the Plains)

Wandalgu Farm - Tardun, WA

Amangu Country

Scheduled 2023

This working farm is located inland from Geraldton in the mid-west region of WA. The surrounding area is well known for its spectacular wildflower display during the spring. We will be funding approximately 7,000 seedlings to help restore degraded bushland on the property. Previously, stock was allowed to graze through the bushland area on the farm, however this has now been fenced off with hopes to restore the upper story Eucalyptus species and a section of highly saline soil. Eventually, this saltland planting can be intermittently grazed by livestock, encouraging regenerative agriculture practices. The long term vision of this project is to increase native vegetation coverage, reduce soil erosion and increase productivity on the farm by improving the overall health of the landscape.

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Your monthly donations allow us to develop, plant and monitor our own native and biodiverse land restoration projects right here in Australia. 


Donating to Carbon Positive Australia is tax-deductible for all contributions over $2.