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“We are promoting the great work Carbon Positive Australia does for the broader finance industry with the hope that people will worry less about themselves and more about doing some good with their share trading like restoring land and planting trees.”  

– Alistair Warren, CEO Trade for Good 

Carbon Positive Australia is now featured on the socially responsible online trading platform, Trade for Good. Clients using the platform can choose to donate a tree or offset their carbon footprint through trading on the platform 

Trade for Good was set up in 2020 by Alistair Warren and Ben Galamaga. The co-founders wanted to offer an easy-to-access platform to the Australian market to encourage environmentally conscious and socially responsible investment.  Rather than pocketing the trading fee, they allow customers to nominate a charity of their choice and donate 50% of the trading fee.   

Thanks to Alistair Warren of Trade for Good for sharing their story.

What is the story behind Trade for Good?  

The finance industry can be built on greed, and we wanted to use it for good. Through our platform support 14 different social initiatives and counting, across humans, animals and the environment.  

Why is restoring Australia important to you?

The world is a fragile place and we have seen the damage we have done over the centuries. If we don’t start caring for our planet then we will end up like those end-of-time, doomsday movies.  

Restoring Australia should be extremely important to all Australians because it’s our own backyard. Native planting is critical for the health and long-term survival of our native ecosystems. Native vegetation helps control erosion by protecting soils and this to me is very important given we are such a dry island nation. We need to all play our part on the global stage and help restore our small part of the world.  

We are promoting the great work CPOZ does to the broader finance industry with the hope that people will worry less about themselves and more about doing some good with their share trading. I really like the fact that it is very easily quantifiable that as little as $4 will plant a tree and start the change.  

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Our business partners make it possible for us to plant more trees, sequester more carbon and have greater social and economic impacts than we could achieve alone.

Help us work on the world’s to-do list!


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