Offset By Tonne

Your donation supports native tree planting on degraded land across Australia. For every 1 tonne of carbon you offset with us, the funds go directly into our planting projects. We plant enough trees to offset each tonne of CO2e.

Our planting projects are protected for 25 – 100 years.

Choose how many tonnes of CO2e you want to offset by updating the quantity value below.



Purchasing a carbon offset represents a donation to our tree planting projects.

  • Each offset unit represents 1 tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) removed from the atmosphere.
  • Our projects adhere to the standards and methodologies set out by the Australian Emissions Reduction Fund.
  • Industry best practice is used to implement our projects and measure carbon sequestration.
  • Each offset unit is retired on an internal registry, guaranteeing that each offset cannot be sold more than once.
  • We strive towards ensuring that our projects are planted in line with best practice ecological restoration techniques.