eCard with Household Offset Donation: Home


Our Household Offset ecard will be emailed to a recipient of your choice. For this quick offset ecard, you can choose to offset the following by amount:

  • $225 – Single Person Household
  • $335 – Two Person Household
  • $505 – Small Household (3-5 people)
  • $700 – Large Household (6+ people)
  • Enter a donation amount of your choice.
    • IMPORTANT:  The donation amount will be hidden for the recipient.  You may choose to include the amount in your personalised message.
  • Add one or multiple recipients (separated by a comma).
  • Add a recipient name.
    • IMPORTANT: this will show the same for ALL recipients, so leave blank or use a general group callout (i.e. Friend) if you have more than one recipient.
  • Add a personalised message for all recipients (optional)
  • Choose the date upon which you’d like your ecard delivered.

Before you add your item to cart, please review your entries. While you may add and remove your cards from cart, you cannot edit their content from cart.

eCard with Household Offset Donation: Home

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