Porongurup, WA

Minang Noongar Country

This 25 hectare site is located directly adjacent to the Porongurup National Park in the Great Southern Region of WA. This area is known for its astounding biodiversity and is home to more than 750 native plant species, ten of which are endemic. Having previously been cleared for agriculture, the landholder wishes to restore biodiversity and canopy cover to the property, ultimately providing a place for tourists to camp amongst the trees. 

In winter 2022 the site was planted with a biodiverse species mix designed to replicate the surrounding vegetation. We used a combination of direct seeding and hand-planted seedlings to recreate the natural karri woodland and create an aesthetic vista from the proposed camping area. In total, 18 different species were planted, including Acacia leoderma, Kunzea recurva, Melaleuca violacea, Calothamnus quadrifidus and Eucalyptus diversicolor (‘Karri’). Nesting boxes have been installed across the property to provide shelter for native fauna while the habitat regenerates.

We will be returning to the site in the coming months to check on seed germination and seedling survival rates. We look forward to monitoring the progress of this spectacular site for many years to come. 

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Project Overview

  • Planting Type: Biodiverse Carbon
  • Region: Great Southern, WA
  • Planted: 2022
  • Size: 25 hectares
  • Seed Weight: 10 kg
  • Seedling Count: 2,100
  • ERF Registered: Yes (Environmental Planting Method)
  • Legal Permanence: 100 years 

Project Timeline

Species Planted

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