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“We looked both far and near to find an organisation with who we were comfortable to work and whose values align with ours. It was also important for us to be affiliated with a company that does all its work here in Australia. We wanted to know what was going to happen with our contribution toward planting trees and to see how well they will be nurtured until they have taken literally taken roots. It was not about looking for the cheapest way of planting trees, but for the most value-added to our Australian environment. “

Person doing woodwork on a workbench

WAW Handplanes

“Carbon Positive Australia allows us to donate to tree planting for every sale we make. It’s a great initiative that regenerates degraded land and offers us a perfect way to give back, seeing as we use timber to make our handplanes. We do this by donating the equivalent to one tree per timber handplane sold.”

Staff members in a office

Spicy Broccoli Media Company

“Spicy Broccoli Media loves trees big and small. Giving back to the environment should be a part of every business, especially one that has a small tree as a logo. We have started a great initiative called Spicy Goes Green. We use the least amount of paper in the office as possible, suggest recycled paper for clients’ printing needs, and support re-vegetation in Australia to offset carbon emissions from servers and equipment. A tree is planted with for every new client.”