CarbonCare planting


Carbon Positive Australia has been supported by Lotterywest and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to deliver a research project into the carbon market. In particular, the CarbonCare™ project is surveying farmers, landholders who have participated in carbon planting, and organisations who could potentially offset their emissions. Through this research we are hoping to gain a better understanding of the levers required to establish a successful carbon market within Western Australia. We know that the carbon industry can be confusing and the research purpose is both to understand the current situation and to capture the data and information needed by both landholders and individuals and organisations who offset their carbon so that they can more easily understand how they fit into the bigger picture.

The survey of organisations is now complete and we have also completed the telephone surveys of farmers. There is still time to participate and let your views be known.  If you have carbon planting on your land, or if you are a broadacre farmer, then you can complete an online version of the survey. The surveys are being delivered by Carbon West and you will find out more and download a copy of the survey at  You can listen to Jennifer West of Carbon West talking to the ABC country hour about the survey here.

We are also interviewing organisations and landholders to develop three case studies. These case studies will form a key part of the report and provide the reader with a more in-depth understanding. The case studies and the final report are being delivered by Clear South and being peer reviewed by a range of stakeholder organisations.

The work that is being undertaken by the CarbonCare™ team couldn’t be more timely and, at Carbon Positive Australia, we want to ensure that the voices of farmers and the community of Western Australia shape and develop the way that carbon planting takes place. 

“If we want carbon farming to be an opportunity, I encourage everyone to give their thoughts to shape and mould what it will be in the future.”

Johanna Tomlinson, Clear South

We are passionate about providing ecologically-sensitive planting that protects our agricultural land and environment, and we also want to demystify the carbon market. All participants in the study will receive the final report and we will also be going out into the community and sharing the information that the report provides.  As the process develops we will keep you in touch with how to gain a copy of the report and where the events will be happening.