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The connection between our forests and oceans: how Ningaloo Reef Dive is working towards carbon neutrality with our Carbon Solutions pack

Discover how Ningaloo Reef Dive is making a difference for the Australian environment by partnering with Carbon Positive Australia and empowering their employees to participate in their sustainability journey below.

The challenge

Ningaloo Reef Dive is based in Coral Bay – a remote part of Western Australia. Ningaloo/Nyinggulu Coastal Reserves are home to the Baiyungu and Jinijudira people; a culture with strong connection to the ocean, waterways and tidal landscapes of the region.

The Ningaloo Reef became a marine park in 1987 and proudly became World Heritage Listed in 2011.

Ningaloo Reef Dive’s tours include diving, snorkelling, and interactions with manta rays, whale sharks, and humpback whales. For the last 15 years, Vikki has worked tirelessly to implement recycling in the region.

“In 2022, I got the opportunity to purchase the dive shop here, and I was excited to have this opportunity to make a difference here with my fellow like-minded business partners – Harriet and Jake.”

Ningaloo Reef Dive

Over the years, they have implemented a number of recycling processes made possible by TerraCycle, Planet Ark, Containers for Change, and Mitre 10 Exmouth. These include battery recycling, ink cartridge recycling, soft and hard plastics, water bottles, glass and plastic bottles, cardboard, and composting.

Their suppliers are chosen (where possible) on their commitment to reducing single-use plastic packaging.

Vikki and her team are now working on their final goal of operating a carbon-neutral organisation, and that is where their partnership with Carbon Positive Australia comes in.

The solution

“We chose Carbon Positive Australia because after looking at a number of programs, we found that most of them were based overseas. As important as this is, we wanted to have the opportunity to make a difference to the land in which we get to work and live – Australia. As volunteers and members of our local emergency fire and SES services, we are at the forefront of the impacts of climate change on our own backyard. The increase in bushfires and flooding events over the past decade is definitely taking its toll on the land and the flora and fauna that reside within it.”
– Vikki Hoff, Owner

The impact

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