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Transparency and Integrity in the Australian Carbon Market

We have been keenly awaiting the Chubb review of the Australian carbon market credits scheme, administered by the Emissions Reduction Fund, and finally, we have it. The review findings conclude that the scheme does not lack integrity whilst making recommendations to improve its integrity and transparency.

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Congratulations to World Champions Team Hydron 

There is no denying Formula 1 is intensive on the environment. The calculated footprint in 2019 was 256,511 tonnes of CO2e. The current report and recent departure of driver Sebastian Vettel due to climate concerns, demonstrates the industry is understanding that climate action and innovation is necessity if the sport is to continue. The team at Hydron contacted us prior to the competition to find out about calculating and offsetting their footprint.

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Grants Available for Small Community Groups  

For Landholders and others interested in revegetation work, there is now some support available. Grants of up to $2,500 may be available for those who have ideas on increasing ground cover and want to try them out. This small grants program will support the purchase of seedlings and/or seed.

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IPCC Report: Stark warnings; Practical Action.

If the recent flooding has shown us anything, it’s that we cannot and should not rely on slow-moving bureaucracies to solve the problems that face us. We can and must take action as individuals, families and communities. The future is in our hands.

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