I now realise what it means to travel to a remote community. Reaching Tjuntjuntjara from Perth is a 7 hour trip to Kalgoorlie, and from there, there’s just a dirt road and 10 hours of brain-rattling driving. Hours can pass on the road without seeing anyone. The roadhouse is the side of the road, where you build a fire, get your billy out to make a cuppa, and find a bush for other needs! We transported volunteers, equipment, and even the trees out to the community. A huge thank you to the WA Water Corporation, who sponsored this part of the trip.
COP meetings are now held annually rather than every five years to work on closing the gap. Pressure is on to increase targets by 2022; to ensure they are more operational and less declaration-driven than before. The world’s two largest emitters, the USA and China, have agreed to reduce emissions collaboratively.
"We have partnered with Carbon Positive Australia to plant 3989 trees in WA in 2021 and look forward to expanding our relationship over time. Carbon Positive Australia are doing fantastic work in the Eurardy region, aiming to plant 1 million trees, and we want to be a part of this native tree planting project. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. They also provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines."
More than 65% of the Australian Workforce use a private car for their daily commute! With 12% of global greenhouse emissions coming from road transport, looking at how we get to work can make a huge difference. We sat down with Julian Illich of Tiller Rides, ahead of National Ride to Work today to learn more about e-bikes and their benefits.
For almost three decades, world governments have met nearly every year to establish how best to respond to the world’s climate emergency. Under the 1992 treaty, the UNFCC declared that every country on Earth was bound to “avoid dangerous climate change” and find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What sets this COP apart from previous conferences is the urgency to reach Net Zero by 2050.
"I’m asking my clients within the Automotive Industry to get on board with me in making regular contributions to Carbon Positive Australia. Planting trees is something we can all contribute to now, therefore reducing our carbon footprint."
Catherine Patterson is our Head of Partnerships and has been with the organisation for seven years! She is our go to for…everything! This month we are introducing you to Catherine in our team profile series “The Change Makers”.
Every third week in October, the Australian Water Association works to inspire individuals, communities, and organisations to build awareness around the value of water. The NWW2021 theme this year is Caring for water and Country, which celebrates the vital and cultural role that water plays in our lives.
Alice Greenwood is our Environmental Analyst and our go-to for all things flora & fauna-related (especially all the questions we have on wildflowers), so it is rather fitting we should introduce you to her this month in our team profile series “The Change Makers.”
You don’t have to be a large corporation like IKEA to start making a difference. At Carbon Positive Australia we work with many small to medium-sized businesses to help them make sustainable changes and offset their footprint. In turn, they help us by supporting our work and projects in various ways. Now spring has well and truly sprung, it’s the perfect time to look at implementing changes to your business. While you do a spring clean of your office, it might be a good time to think about spring cleaning your sustainability practices.
"We love to support Carbon Positive Australia as they are an Australian-based charity restoring Australian land with Australian plants. The Carbon Calculator makes it so much easier for us to track our footprint and to see where our donations are going."
In a beautiful piece of synchronicity, work will begin on our Nimbin, NSW planting project during September – National Biodiversity Month! The Nimbin project is located in a medium to high value koala habitat area and will link up a wildlife corridor that extends through to Nightcap National Park. Koalas have been seen on the project property, both in the trees and on the ground, as well as on neighbouring properties. There’s also an abundance of wallabies who have recently been spotted frolicking in the spring clover!