This book has the carbon footprint of everything you could think of, from the carbon emissions of a google search to the carbon emissions of a volcano. This book by Mike Berners-Lee, is a fascinating, easy to digest and enjoyable guide that will help you to understand the carbon impact of modern life and how we can reduce our carbon footprint.
The long-awaited Easter break is just around the corner, and we all know what that means…chocolate, and for some of us, a weekend getaway or road trip might also be on the cards. Who doesn’t love chocolate and a weekend getaway? But our love for the Easter holiday, chocolate, and road-tripping around our great country can come at a cost to the environment.
If the recent flooding has shown us anything, it’s that we cannot and should not rely on slow-moving bureaucracies to solve the problems that face us. We can and must take action as individuals, families and communities. The future is in our hands.
"Working with Carbon Positive Australia allows us to combat climate change while restoring degraded land and creating much-needed habitat and biodiversity, and with a project close to home we can see the direct and tangible impact this is making."
Carbon Positive Australia’s own Carbon Footprint Calculator has taken a Silver Award in the category ‘Sustainability, Environment, and Climate Special Projects’. The entry was made by the team at Anthologie who partnered with our organisation in the technological development of the calculator.
Lauren Purcell is our Communications & Partnership Coordinator and is the face behind everything you see on our social media feeds and some of those blogs you read. She is known for being witty (#dadjokes), her love of coffee and the go to for all things sustainable fashion.
Whether they were homeowners, holiday-makers, firefighters, police officers, paramedics, or animal welfare volunteers (to name but a few), the unprecedented Black Fires of Summer 2019-2020 will be forever etched in their minds; as they should be for all of us. These fires are not something we should forget, and as we mark two years, we ask you to join us in reflection.
Net-zero refers to achieving an overall balance between greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, and greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases and are collectively referred to as CO2e or GHG emissions. These gases are released through the use of transportation, electricity, industrial and manufacturing processes, commercial and residential buildings, and agricultural activities. The more important question though, is should your business be working towards net-zero goals?
"We wanted to make sure that any greenhouse gases caused by our products are neutralised, leaving things as they were. We’re a small family-owned company, and we don’t have the time and money to calculate every litre of fuel, water, and kW of electricity in the growing, juicing, bottling, warehousing, and delivery of our products."
Nothing is stronger than love…except climate change. We don’t want to ruin the romance, but the cost of consumerism isn’t so rosy. Keep reading to find out why you should look at Valentine’s Day a little differently this year.
Australia is in the midst of a deforestation and land clearing crisis, and we know that two-thirds of agricultural land is degraded and continuing to deteriorate. In our cities, regional and Indigenous communities, climate change is also having a significant impact. To kick off 2022, we have put together 22 Tips to Reduce in ’22. These tips are a great starting point for those who wonder how we can do better and work together to make a change for the land and communities we live in.
"Since January 2020, we added a 20 cent ‘levy’ on all our retail bean bag sales. This means that with every bag we sell, we’re putting funds into a cause that takes immediate action in building or re-building forests. At the end of the FY, we donate the sum, and CPoz can use it to plant trees. We started after the big fires. We always had donated money to certain causes, but this system allowed us to donate on an ongoing basis and always in parallel with our sales volume — so more sales, more support, which is cool."