June 16, 2021

Bush Plant Going through Desertification

Digging Deep – World Day to Combat Desertification & Drought

In 1995 the UN declared 17 June as ‘World Combat Desertification and Drought Day’. This year the day focuses on turning degraded land into healthy land. According to the UN, nearly three-quarters of the Earth’s ice-free land has been transformed, mainly to meet the demand for food, raw materials, and human settlement. A little closer to home, in the last 200 years, nearly 40% of Australia’s forests have been cut down, leaving behind fragmented landscapes.

Community planting in Narrogin

Updates From The Field

June marks the start of another planting season. On some project sites planting has already begun and will continue on throughout July. Since last years plantings we’ve been busy checking in with current projects and starting up new, exciting ones too. To keep you up to date with where your donations and our work has progressed, below highlights our newest field updates and what’s to come.