Creative approaches to understanding and addressing climate change can be incredibly potent. Creativity can quite literally plant the seeds of inspiration and change. Artists Alice White and Anne Carson combined their artistic talents and decided to create a greeting card that gives back to the environment and enables everyone to be a part of the solution.
To celebrate National Biodiversity Month we share Australia’s recently voted “favourite tree” – the iconic River Red Gum, Eucalyptus camaldulensis.
New research, by The University of Sydney has found that climate change will negatively impact food supply chains and increase gaps in wealth inequality in Australia.
The federal environment minister, Tanya Plibersek has flagged a new biodiversity credits scheme that would pay Australians to repair and nurture the habitat on their properties.
We love a good news story, and this week, the news that Yvon Chouinard, Founder of the world’s most sustainable brand Patagonia has given away the ownership of his $4.5 billion dollar company to fight climate change is one that fills us with hope.
There is no denying Formula 1 is intensive on the environment. The calculated footprint in 2019 was 256,511 tonnes of CO2e. The current report and recent departure of driver Sebastian Vettel due to climate concerns, demonstrates the industry is understanding that climate action and innovation is necessity if the sport is to continue. The team at Hydron contacted us prior to the competition to find out about calculating and offsetting their footprint.
With National Biodiversity Month coming up in September, we thought we would share this article to inspire your day. More than 100 new species have been discovered and named in Australia within the past year, these discoveries have been labelled a massive “win for biodiversity”.
Everyone has someone they look up to, right? For me, that person is non-other than Clare Press, a former Rolling Stone Journalist who became Vogue Magazines’s first Sustainability Editor. Find out about her books here.
In 1987, scientists gathered in Melbourne for a landmark conference where they discussed, for the first time, the effects climate change might have on Australia. In the decade after that, two decisions were made by federal governments – one Liberal and one Labour – which have shaped the climate debate in this country ever since.
The more plastic we make = the more fossil fuels we need and the more we amplify climate change. Take a look at what each state has committed to in our latest post on plastics.
For Landholders and others interested in revegetation work, there is now some support available. Grants of up to $2,500 may be available for those who have ideas on increasing ground cover and want to try them out. This small grants program will support the purchase of seedlings and/or seed.
Last month, the Noongar Boodja Ranger team visited the Wyalkatchem Golf Course where they undertook malleefowl mound monitoring to see if they could find any mounds within the patch of known malleefowl habitat.